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Abortion Hotlines and Resources


For many women, abortion is a complicated choice to make — and it comes with many complex feelings. Not only do some women struggle emotionally after having an abortion; many women also feel lonely, scared or confused as they’re exploring their unplanned pregnancy options. Below are some resources that may provide information or support

Below are some resources specifically for abortion. For general mental health and support hotlines and resources, see here


Self help online - Worldwide

- 7 cups of tea: Grief and loss support community 
- 7 cups of tea: Parenting and pregnancy support community


Hotlines and Resources per country

Northern Ireland 

- FPA: Help and advice for sexual health and unplanned pregnancy. Helpline available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Phone 0345 122 8687

United Kingdom

- Marie Stopes: Committed to giving the advice, support and care that's right for you. Confidential advice and chat line available 24/7. Pone 0345 300 8090

- Life: PRO LIFE organization. Offers free, confidential information, counseling and support for women contemplating abortion, suffering after pregnancy loss or struggling to cope after abortion. Phone  0808 802 5433


United States

- Exhale: Emotional support, resources, and information to women who have had abortions, as well as to their partners, family, friends and allies.After-Abortion Talkline available Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm and sat-sun 12pm-10pm Pacific time. Phone 1-866-439-4253

Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort

- Planned Parenthood: Information and health center search. For information visit website, chat online or text. Text "PPNOW" to 774636

Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

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