Algeria Suicide Prevention Resources

Algeria suicide prevention resources

Here at 7 cups we understand that sometimes life can get too much and you may experience suicidal thoughts. Although we can support you when you are feeling low, listeners are not trained to support you when you are planning to end your life or harm yourself. We want to make sure that you get the right help and support at this time and that is why we may refer you to a hotline or crisis resource.

Below are some hotlines and chatlines where you can speak to professionals who can better help you.
Once you have received the support you need and are no longer actively suicidal, feel free to come back and speak to a listener.


- Suicide Hotline Algeria: Phone 0021 3983 2000 58 (we have been informed that this number does not always work so use with caution and do not give to members/guests who are actively suicidal)


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