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Anger Management Hotlines and Resources

Anger Management 

For Anyone Experiencing a Loss of Control

If you believe you are at risk of not being able to control your anger, or need help regaining control once an anger-related outburst occurs, calling an anger hotline can provide you with support and information.
Before an anger-related situation develops:
  - Anger management hotlines offer a different perspective on whatever situation is making you angry. This can provide you with the opportunity to find a healthy solution to your problem.
  -  Counselors can offer tips on coping with anger and stress to make it less likely that you will lose control in the future.
Before an anger-related situation escalates or turns violent:
  - Calling a hotline allows you to talk over your problems and vent your anger, which is often enough to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation.
  -  Speaking with a professional can help you control your anger and prevent it from escalating to a dangerous level. Anger management counselors receive training in relaxation techniques and crisis intervention.
During an anger-related crisis:
  - Counselors can offer you a safe outlet for your anger, talk you down from a potentially dangerous emotional cliff, or contact family members to assist you.
  - Anger management counselors are able to contact the authorities on your behalf if you feel you are a danger to yourself or others, and they will remain on the line with you until help arrives.

Other Options for Help

Many organizations are available to help with anger management, and you can receive assistance online, over the phone, or by visiting a community organization that offers anger management services.

Below are some resources specifically for anger management. For general mental health and support hotlines and resources, see here


Self help online - Worldwide

Anger management 101 - Insightful course is filled with both practical wisdom and application that will end the anger trap for good

Self Help Guides
- MoodJuice
- Get Self Help: Self help for anger guide
- 7 cups of tea: Anger management support community

Hotlines and resources per country

United Kingdom

- Mind information: Information and advice about anger. Visit website

- British Association of Anger Management: Information, resources and support. Visit website

- Respect: Information and support for people who are worried about their violent or aggressive behavior towards loved ones. Available 24/7. Phone 0808 802 4040

- NHS choices: Information and resources. Visit website


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