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Anxiety, panic attacks and phobias Hotlines and Resources

About Anxiety
Calling an anxiety helpline is a good way to reach out for help if persistent anxiety is affecting your quality of life. Anonymous and confidential, free anxiety hotlines can offer a compassionate, nonjudgmental ear and connect you with valuable resources that may help you take control of your anxiety. While some level of anxiety is a normal response to stress, anxiety that persists when no stress is present can be problematic and may be indicative of an anxiety disorder. If you suffer from excessive anxiety, you’re not alone. In fact, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders affect around 18% of the U.S. population, making them one of the most common mental health disorders in the country.

Should I Call an Anxiety Helpline?
You can obtain information about anxiety and discuss your concerns with someone who understands and wants to help.
An anxiety helpline can provide free, convenient, and easy services that will allow you to speak with someone who knows what you are going through. Staff members are highly trained on anxiety disorders and the treatment options available. If you’re suffering from anxiety, you might feel a bit fearful of calling a hotline, but you should know that no one will judge you or criticize you for calling. You don’t even have to give your name or any identifying information if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. All free anxiety helplines are private and confidential. If you are seeking information for a loved one who might be suffering from anxiety, calling a 24-hour anxiety hotline can be very beneficial. You can obtain information about anxiety and discuss your concerns with someone who understands and wants to help. You can also learn about ways to talk to your loved one and encourage them to seek help if they are reluctant to do so on their own. 

Below are some resources specifically for anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. For general mental health and support hotlines and resources, see here
Self help online - Worldwide
- Get Self Help: Self help guide for anxiety 
- Get Self Help: Self help guide for mindful breathing
- Get Self Help: Self help guide for panic disorder
- Get Self Help: Self help guide for social anxiety 
- Get Self Help: Self help guide for GAD and worry 
- Get Self Help: Self help guide for phobias
- Get Self Help: Self help guides for health anxiety
- Help Guide: Self help resources anxiety
- 7 Cups of Tea: Self help guide for anxiety
- 7 Cups of Tea: Self help guide for social anxiety
7 Cups of Tea: Self help guide for test anxiety 

- 7 Cups of Tea: Anxiety support community

Hotlines and resources per country
- BeyondBlue: Information and support for people with anxiety. Chat online 3pm-12am, call hotline 24/7 or join forums. Phone 1300 22 4636
Australia - South Australia 

- PACE: Offer peer support services for people struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and eating disorders in  Adelaide and south Australia. Telephone support available. Visit website

- Anxiety BC: AnxietyBC is a leader in developing online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety and anxiety disorders. Site provides information to help you understand anxiety, as well as resources and tools to help you manage your anxiety. 24/7 Crisis Line available. Phone 310-6789

- Angst, Dwang en Fobie stichting: For people suffering from anxiety. Hotline available weekdays 9am- 1:30pm. Phone 0343 753009

- Stichting FobieVRienden: Visit website
New Zealand
- Depression Helpline: Website is full of ideas and stories to help people with depression and anxiety get to a better place. Helpline available 24/7. Phone 0800 111 757 or text 4202

Anxiety Trust: Anxiety helpline available 24/7. Phone 0800 269 4389

Overcoming Social Anxiety
United Kingdom
- Mind information: Information and advice on anxiety and panic attacks. Visit website

- Mind information: Information and advice on phobias. Visit website

- Anxiety UK:  Provide information, support and understanding to people living with anxiety. Infoline available Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5:30am. Phone 0844 477 5774

- No Panic: Help and support for people who suffer from Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and other related anxiety disorders. Helplines available for Adults available 10am-10pm daiy (5ppm) and Teens available mon-fri 3pm-6pm and thurs and sat 6pm-8pm. Teens phone 0330 606 1174. Adults phone 0844 967 4848

- Triumph over phobias: Support and information for people who suffer from phobias. Visit website

- Do you Panic? : Information and self help. Visit website
United States
- Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) provides information on prevention, treatment and symptoms of anxiety, depression and related conditions. Phone 1-240-485-1001

- Resources for Anxiety Disorders - ScatterGood Fountain: Information

- ADAA: List of support groups for people with anxiety based illnesses. Visit website
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