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Appreciation & Gratitude - Introduction

Appreciation and Gratitude


Appreciation and Gratitude subcommunity was launched ………. It is a extra special subcommunity as it is one of the subcommunities that is also home to one of 7cups projects most loving projects The Appreciation Team.


7cups is about building a support system, when we are feeling good being able to provide support and when not so good being able to receive support.  Personal support can also be very important and power of positivity. It is hoped that Appreciation and Gratitude can contribute to this in enabling us to be grateful/ appreciative on the toughest of days and also sharing appreciation to boost others and ourselves.


Appreciation and Gratitude subcommunity consists of:

Compassion Corner Support Team for both Adults & Teens

Providing weekly support sessions on different topics surrounding Appreciation & Gratitude.  


Appreciation and Gratitude forum

Some may refer to this as the core of the subcommunity, with a aim of making you feel welcome and part of the subcommunity and also providing a space where we can discuss different topics sharing our different opinions and feelings around them. It is alsohome of the daily check in, were we share what we are grateful for each day.  


Appreciation Team project

Is now site wide project, where listeners and members can join with a goal of sending appreciation to members and listeners. The aim being that we recognise everyone's efforts whatever they maybe.



Whole new feature to 7 cups to allow us to share information posts on different topics within appreciation and Gratitude. The aim being that we can learn together about the different topics and share our knowledge to share with others.


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