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Aromantic Awareness

by [Unknown]

Aromantic Awareness Week is the 10th through the 17th of November. Where I am not aromantic, I won't be leading any major discussions on it. It's not my discussions to lead. Instead, I'd like to just raise awareness of what aromantism is, and why there is a week dedicated to its awareness. If anyone who is aromantic would like to do something to celebrate the week, you have the full support of 7 Cups behind you!


What is Aromantism?

Similar to how asexuality is a persistent lack of sexual attraction toward any gender, aromantism is a persistent lack of romantic attraction toward any gender. As I mentioned in a previous post, romantic attraction is a pull or allure of wanting to do romantic activities with a specific person, where "romantic activities" can be different depending on the person. Often this includes things like holding hands and going on dates, and can include anything else you code as being romantic.

The aromantic spectrum includes:

Aromantic - does not experience romantic attraction to any gender

Lithromantic - experiencing romantic attraction with no desire for it to be reciprocated, or losing attraction as soon as it is reciprocated (also akoiromantic)

Gray-aromantic - experiences romantic attraction in rare, fleeting, specific, or confusing circumstances (also spelled grey-aromantic)

Demi-romantic - experiences romantic attraction only after developing a close emotional bond with someone

Anyone along this spectrum can have any sexual orientation, such as being aromantic bisexual, in which they experience no romantic attraction, but do experience sexual attraction to two or more genders. Aromantics can also be asexual, in which they've no romantic or sexual attraction.

Someone who is on the aromantic spectrum can still have a romance drive. They can still have a sex drive. They can still want and have sex and/or romantic relations. Or maybe they don't want any of that. It entirely depends on the person, just like anyone of any other romantic/sexual orientation.


Why Aromantic Awareness Week?

Because not many know aromantism is a thing. Because many think they're broken or somehow wrong when really they're just aromantic. Because of amatonormativity, which tells people relationships are the end-all-be-all to life, our soul purpose for existing, and the one true natural desire humans have. Because of heteronormativity, which tells people anything other than male/female relationships are wrong, that a man and a woman can't be just friends, and that relationships must be a certain way in order to be valid.

You are not broken. You are not a freak or a weirdo. You don't need to be fixed or medicated. Your feelings are valid, your identity is real. You're okay.

And you are loved.

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