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Asexual Symbols and Resources

by @AdventuRin

Ace Symbols

Still with me? Good. Everyone knows what a rainbow flag means, but there are symbols for more specific identities, as well. For asexuality, we’ve already gone over the aces in a deck of cards, but the symbols don’t stop there:

Ace Flag - The top black stripe represents asexuality, the gray strip represents demi/gray-a, the white stripe represents sexuality/allosexuality/everyone who isn’t on the ace-spectrum, and the final purple stripe represents the ace community as a whole

Demisexual Flag - This isn’t, as far as I know, in mainstream use yet, but it has the same colors as the ace flag. A black triangle covers the left side, with a large white strip at the top, large gray at the bottom, and a thing purple strip across the middle.

Ace Ring - As a sort of subtle cue, many ace-spectrum folk wear a black band around their right middle finger.

AVEN/Ace Triangle - An upside-down triangle, with the top left corner representing homosexuality, top right representing heterosexuality (just like the Kinsey Scale), and the bottom representing asexuality. The triangle is filled with a white-to-black gradient, with the colors having the same meanings as in the ace flag -- white on top for sexuality, black on bottom for asexuality, and gray in the middle for demi and gray-a.

Demisexual Heart - I’ve not actually seen this in use, but a heart shape with the demi flag coloring the inside.



This is far from a complete list, but these should be a good start for those interested in learning more about asexuality, whether for themselves or for others.


The Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) - Wealth of resources, including a (real, actual) forum and chatroom. As with anything that connects you to internet strangers, be warned that not everyone has the best of intentions.

AVEN Wiki - As the name implies, a wiki dedicated to information found on AVEN

Asexuality Archive - Information site done in a blog-like style. Includes a wealth of additional resources and intelligent posts on nearly any ace-related topic you can think of.

What is Asexuality? - Brand new site from redbeardace also of Asexuality Archive. Currently includes basic info on asexuality, ways to help decide if you’re asexual, and downloadable resources to help you or others understand it better.


Asexual Experiences - Tumblr dedicated to sharing experiences of ace-spectrum folk of all walks of life, from good to not-so-good, as well as sharing other resources, articles, videos, etc.

redbeardace - This is the person who runs What is Asexuality and Asexuality Archive. This is dedicated more to infographics, status updates, and more bite-sized pieces of ace info.

Asexual Advice - Advice blog for anyone along the ace-spectrum, potentially along the ace-spectrum, or non-ace people who want to learn more, perhaps to support someone who is ace. Great resource to learn from even if you don’t need any advice yourself.

Demi Gray - Another advice blog, but specifically for those who identify as demi or gray-a. I actually only just discovered this one, so I can’t say much about it yet.

Asexual Fact of the Day - Great place for silly, nonsensical humor, whether you’re ace or not.

Asexual Education - A very positive ace education and support tumblr, with a terrible theme ouch my eyes

The Asexual Census - WordPress dedicated to sharing findings from AVEN's 2014 asexual census

And for those who are feeling very #foreveralone, check out this post for advice on how to meet other aces, including a ton of other resources to do just that.

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