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Chatroom Rules

Site Chatroom Rules 

1. Please be kind, supportive and respectful to every participant of the chat at all times.You can view our Rules of Engagement.

2. Please do not use language that is graphic, inappropriate, flirtatious or sexually suggestive. Additionally, refrain from sharing links of this nature.

3. If you are in a crisis, please visit this page to find the appropriate resource. 7 Cups is not a crisis resource. If you feel a participant is in a crisis, click “Refer” on one of their messages.

4. If you are overwhelmed, anxious, or do not feel that the group support environment is aiding in your personal healing, please visit our Browse Listeners page to connect with a Listener one-on-one.

5. Please refrain from sharing personal contact details or social media on 7 Cups.

6. For moderation purposes, please only use English in this space.

7. If you find that another participant is not following one of these rules, please use the mute button to hide their messages from you rather than engaging in conflict of any sort.

8. Please do not share the name of any Listener, Member or Guest that you have had a one-on-one chat with, or any details from these chats.

9. Please refrain from revealing any other Listener, Member or Guest account that you own other than the one you are currently using.

10. Please do not share names of drugs or medication with others.

11. If you are in the wrong age group, please log out and create an account using your correct date of birth.

12. If you are a listener, please behave professionally at all times. Use your member account if you wish to seek support. Learn more about the role of a listener in group support or listener rooms.

13. Therapists are expected to follow listener guidelines including, but not limited to: refraining from giving advice and remaining professional at all times. Please check out this post on a Therapist’s Role in Group Support.

14. Regular support sessions and events are held in these rooms and will sometimes take priority over general chat. Please be respectful to the leaders and participants. These will last for one hour only. You can check the calendar to see what's on and learn more about discussions in this forum post.

15. Please refrain from initiating or participating in discussion about religion or politics, other than in our Thinking Space room.

16. Please ensure you do not have a profile picture or username that is graphic, abusive or inappropriate in nature.

17. To ensure a positive environment in group support, all users must be sober to participate.

18. Sending SPAM messages or attempting to clog the room by over-posting is not allowed.

19. Any attempt to bypass a mute or account ban will be subject to further sanctions.

20. Check out our Member FAQ to learn more about Group Support Chat. You can also find a description of each room in this post.
21. Your feedback helps us to improve quality of the support rooms. If you’d like to leave feedback on a discussion or event, please do so here. Users with multiple accounts can be reported in this form.

22. If there is an emergency in the room and a Moderator is not present to assist, please fill out the emergency form to notify an on-call Moderator. You can find the form for adults here and the teen form here.

23. Please use this form to report discussion or event that does not take place as planned.

24. If you’re a member and would like to lead a support room discussion, please submit this form to request help.

25. Moderators are trained volunteers. Check out what you can expect from a moderator here. Please leave compliments or feedback in the Mod Review Form. 

Please do not confront moderators in the chat room or disrespect anyone due to their mod badge.

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