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Coping Strategies : EDNOS/OSFED

Originally written by @Hope
Transferred by @emsworld
Hey Everyone ! I have been posting about eating disorders to raise awareness and to provide coping strategies. I posted about EDNOS/OSFED too, you can read it here, but even after quite a lot of research i am not able to find a specific self help approach for this eating disorder , therefore i will be giving some general eating disorder recovery tips in this post.


Keep a recovery journal

Fill it with positive and affirming thoughts. Write about why you want to recover, how your eating disorder has impacted your life, where you want to be in 5 or 10 years from now, and anything else that will help to keep you motivated to recover. It’s totally up to you to choose what you write in your journal.


Spend time around supportive people

Try to find people who are comfortable with their bodies and don’t spend all their time talking about dieting and food. These might be people who have qualities that you admire and want to develop within yourself.


Talk to other people who are recovering/recovered

Mutual support can be motivating, and seeing someone else make progress or enjoying life might help to keep you inspired, too. Support groups can be a really great way of seeking support from people going through similar things. Check out this  fact sheet on where to get help for more information on support groups in your area.


Go on body-positive outings

If body image is something you’re really struggling with, take a trip to the art gallery, and have a look at all the different shapes and sizes that beauty comes in. It sounds a bit lame, but it can be a really uplifting thing to do.

You can also go and hang out around your local shops. Try to notice the diversity of shapes around you, not a certain type of shape. You’ll notice that not one person has the same body shape and that’s ok.


Take up a hobby

Try something new, or go back to something you used to love. There are heaps of different hobbies that are fun and interesting. You might find that you’re actually an awesome guitar player, or have a flair for painting.



Do things that nourish

This could be anything from planting a veggie patch, to climbing a tree, to going sailing, or engaging in voluntary work. It doesn't have to be big; it doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to make you feel good about yourself. Experiment with different things - part of recovery is getting to know yourself all over again (or for the first time!) and you won't necessarily like everything you try.



These are not written by me. Find resource here


Useful resources

-Eating Disorders Anonymous

-Effective Coping Skills: Eating Disorder

-Eating Disorder , Self Help Guide

-Eating Disorder Support Groups

International Eating Disorder Support



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