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Dealing with criticism when talking about addictions

By LlamaGlama
Criticism And How To Deal With It

Hello everybody!

Today I will present you a few ways on how to deal with criticism when talking about addictions. Unfortunately, criticism is, in the most of the cases thrown by people who aren’t educated about the subject, as it’s easier for them to criticise others than to help.


But is criticism always bad?

As most of the people refer “criticism” as a negative word, it’s important to know that there is also good criticism. For example, bad criticism always will bring you down and hurt you without it being productive at all. Bad criticism is mostly given by family or/and friends who didn’t research the issue and it’s thrown oftenly when they give you trying or are overwhelmed with the problem.

For example : “I don’t like you anymore since you’ve been smoking so much!”

This won’t help anyone, and even worse, the person in cause will feel even more discouraged and will crave for their addiction even more, because they’re feeling stressed or/and bad and they will have to find a way to cope with it.

Good criticism (also known as constructive feedback) is rare, but not impossible to find. People who face addictions will usually find good criticism in specialised books or from a professionist. People that actually have the motivation to quit their addiction are in a huge need of good criticism, as this will help them pick a good path that will eventually lead them to achieve freedom from their addiction.


So how do we deal with the bad criticism?

Always be picky regarding criticism. Remember that there will always be somebody that will criticise you without even knowing what they are talking and you can discard their opinion.

Remember that people’s opinions are subjective. You can take in consideration the constructive feedback, as it’s the one that will allow you to grow and become stronger against the issues you are facing.

You’re the only one who really knows yourself. You know what you need and what you’re feeling, even if sometimes you might need to be reminded of it (it’s okay, we all feel lost sometimes!). So if somebody begins to criticise you in a bad way, you can quickly remind them that if they really knew you they wouldn’t judge your actions, but they would rather empathise and try to find ways to fight your addiction alongside you.

You’re the one who’s fighting. You’re your own hero, and you can count on your loved ones, and they will support you in any way they can. In case you feel like they are wrong, simply remind them that you don’t need bad criticism, as it isn’t helpful in your fight.


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