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Feed Guide: The Ultimate Journey

by Isaac

What is the “Feed”?

Feed is a section of 7 Cups wherein you can share pictures, thoughts, ideas, informative articles, participate in weekly/monthly challenges, share your achievements with the 7 Cups Community or even do shoutouts for our fellow members and listeners! It is a great way to connect with everyone on 7 Cups the same way as Group Chatrooms and Private Messages are! Note that the feed is available only for members and guests at the moment!

Learn more on how to use the feed for growth and support here.

You can see your feed posts on your profile ( You can see feedposts of those you follow by navigating to your feed.


Where can I find my Feed?

For those who use browser, you can find your feed here: (for listeners) (for members) 

- Under “Community” option at the top of your 7 Cups page.

For the application users,

- You can simply slide from the left to right of your phone screen and you will be able to see the “Feed” option



Features of the Feed

The feed comes with many features letting us make our post exceptionally attractive for the viewers. 

For example, you can change the size of your text, make it bold, italics, underlined or colored with a background. You can also add lovely emojis to your post ^_^

Here is a short tutorial on how one can make use of those features!


giphy.gif  giphy.gif

giphy.gif  giphy.gif


How do I change the size of a text?

1. Select the text that you want to change the size of

2. Click on "Size"  aawgESD.png

3. Choose the size accordingly (with 8 pixels being the smallest and 72 being the largest)

How do I add a link in my feed post?

You can place links in the body of your post which when clicked allow the reader to jump to another location on the page.

To create a hyperlink -

1. Select the text or image you want to link a page to.

2. Click on the “Link” icon  aCnaFRuQ8RaPGUJY8WNbrsmsb39lib6KXxvYseWP.

3. In the Link Info box, type or paste your link in the URL box.

How do I add a picture to my feed post?

You can do the following to add a picture to your feed -

1. Copy the URL of the picture you would like to post in your feed.

You can do this by right clicking on the picture and selecting “Copy Image Address”.


2. Back on the feed section, click the small icon of a landscape which looks something like this - EdYFgLO.png

3. You will see a window pop-up after clicking the landscape icon. Paste the copied Image URL in the  “URL” textbox. The image will appear in the region at the right side of the pop-up window, below “Preview”.

What if I want to add an image from my computer or phone on the feed?

There are many image hosting sites where you can upload pics, from your PC or phone to use in your feed posts.

Some popular image hosting sites are:


Once you upload an image, you will have the URL location of the image that you can link to as you are creating your feed posts!

There are some additional features you can see in the pop-up window - Width, Height, Border, HSpace, VSpace, Alignment, lock and a refresh button.

Width - You can set the width of an image by entering a number (measured in pixels) in the text box below “Width”.

Height - Similarly, you can set the height of an image as well by entering a number in the text box below “Height”.

Border - This feature lets you add a black-colored border to your image. Greater the number inputted, wider the border!

VSpace or Vertical-Space - Add an indent at the top of your image. For instance, to get a 50 pixel free space at the top of your image, enter 50!

HSpace or Horizontal-Space - Similarly, use this feature to add an indent at the left of your image.

Alignment - Align the picture in your feed post, either left or right!

Lock Button ek1XIO3W20LTWK9uu27UMeGp4oMO3K-6jCGTNN-g - Lock button helps us maintain the resolution of an image in a specific ratio. If the lock button is selected, the image resolution will change to its original resolution ratio. For example, if the image was of width 60px and height 30px originally and one chooses it’s width to be 20px, the height of the image will change to 10px (2:1 ratio)

Refresh Button MIsB-yVp4z1vTeeN3vdz33kymlINMgg5MrPjM6Tl - Refresh button (situated beside the lock button) brings the image to it’s default size!

NOTE: Character limit for the feed is 1200 characters. Meaning, you can only enter 1200 letters, symbols or numbers to your post!

Lastly, the Posting Guidelines -

Do not post content or images that:
- Are abusive, harassing, graphic or bullying
- Include nudity or exposure of body parts
- Are sexually explicit or flirtatious
- Indicate/trigger self-harm or suicidal tendencies
- Impose a religion or view
- Are advice giving
- Are hate speech
- Indicate that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of posting
- Include your personal contact information or social media handles
Community Guidelines (information about appropriate behavior)

 You're ready to hit  3OpKIZc.png now!

Special thanks to Power and Anomalia 

Feel free to post your questions by commenting on the original forum post here or PM me if you need help with anything!


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