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Welcome to 7 Cups of Tea! ♨ 
We're so happy that you have joined our community and are willing to support others!

It can be a bit confusing to navigate the website so please use this thread as a way to learn about 7 Cups of Tea. Think of this as a guide to compliment the existing resources on 7 Cups that are linked throughout the entire thread. The table of contents will tell you what the order of the posts are, and if you’re interested in finding a specific answer or topic, then you can use CTRL + F (PC) and Command + F (Mac) to search the document.

To start off, if you are a new listener, please remember to take the Active Listening training as well as the Practice Chat. These are essential in helping you understand our role as listeners. Your Training page will also list the available trainings for you to take. It is recommended that you take them when you can as they will help you on a variety of topics that may appear in your chats.

Other resources that may be helpful to you are:

               ➡ New Listener Resource Guide by Ambassador AdventuRin
New Listeners' Primer by Mentor Leader Lyra
               ➡ Mumsy's Guide to Having Better Chats by Listener Mumsy 34
Beginning Active Listening - Some Important Points by Mentor Farheen

If you would like more one-on-one help, please check out the Mentor tab to see which mentors are taking mentees. Mentors can do mock chats, provide resources, and work with you on areas that you may feel unsure about.

Every week in the Listener Support Room, we will also have discussions based on the Active Listening Training. These topics cycle through each month with the fifth topic being discussed if there is an fifth Monday in the month. Please take note of the schedule below. The links will also take you to the notes that are updated after each discussion.

               ➡ Week One: Reflection & Asking Questions
               ➡ Week Two: Self-Evaluation and Triggers
               ➡ Week Three: Inappropriate Chats & Serious Issues
               ➡ Week Four: Chatting & Confidentiality
               ➡ Week Five: Self-Care & Boundaries

Lastly, please also make sure you familiarize yourself with the Community Guidelines. All listeners, regardless of level, are expected to abide by these guidelines, and violations of these guidelines may result in the closure of your listener account.

Table of Contents


               ①          Introduction
               ②          Table of Contents
③          Common 7 Cups Terminology
④          Chats & Resources
          Quality Initiatives & Listener Rewards
          Site Navigation
          Listener Chatrooms
               ⑧          Listener Forum & Resources
                         Community Involvement 
               ⑩          Community Leadership
                         Listener - Listener Conflict
               ⑫          Project Coordinators   
⑭          Reserved
⑮          Last Updated               

Common 7 Cups Terminology


This section will list most of the terminology that are commonly used on 7 Cups. If you are looking for a specific topic, please use Ctrl+ F (PC) or Command + F (Mac) to search.

➡ Listener - Users with a registered listener account that provide support to members and guests. Marked with an 'L'     
Teen Listener - Listeners who are ages 15 -17 
Adult Teen Listener - Listeners who are 18+ and have successfully applied to listen to teens
Member - Users with a registered member account that seek support from listeners. Marked with an 'M'
Guest - Users without a registered member account that seek support from listeners. Marked with an 'G'
Ghost Chats - Members/Guests that do not reply in chats when first picked up. Chat can be ended and hidden after a period of time with no response.
➡ General Request (GR) - Requests from members/guests that are seen by the entire listener community
Personal Request (PR) - Requests from members/guests that are directed to and seen only by one listener.
Private Message (PM) - A method of private communication. To private message, go to their profile by clicking on their name in the chatroom list/forum or profile picture. Then leave them a message.

Community Roles

➡ Peer Support - A listener who has vowed to provide support to the community and other listeners after a difficult chat.
Verified Listener - A listener who has gone through the mock chat process or passed a mentor evaluation

 Project Agent - A listener who has taken leadership of a project in the community 
➡ Mentor - Listeners who have shown exceptional leadership by supporting other listeners and the community in positive ways. Can choose from a variety of tracks such as chatroom (moderators), quality, forum, community, and teen.
➡ Teen Star - Teen listeners who have been nominated by the teen community and have shown exceptional leadership by providing support to other teen listeners and the teen community in positive ways.
Mentor Leader/Teen Star Leader - Mentors/Teen Stars who have shown exceptional leadership in their chosen tracks.
➡ Ambassador - Mentors who have shown exceptional dedication to 7 Cups and its mission.  These mentors work closely with the community team and lead various projects while overseeing the community morale and mentors.

Listener Rooms

➡ Group Mod Zone - An adult listener-only room dedicated to providing a space for group moderators to collaborate and seek support in group support rooms. Also a place for listeners who are interested in becoming a group moderator find information on the process and what it is like
Listener Hangout Room (LHR) - An adult listener-only room dedicated to providing listeners a place to interact and have friendly conversation with each other
 Listener Support Room (LSR) - An adult listener-only room dedicated to providing support to listeners who need help with chats, have general questions, or would like to participate in weekly active listening discussions
Teen Listeners - A teen listener-only room dedicated to providing teen listeners with a place to interact and seek support. Moderated by teen mentors and teen stars.

Group Support Rooms

➡ Group Support Room - Chatrooms based on various topics for members who seek group support from other members and listeners. Listeners will be able to see these rooms in their group support tab after taking 10 one-on-one chats.
Group Moderator - A listener who has taken and passed the group moderator test. Has the ability to Warn and Mute. 
➡ (Member) Community Room (CR or MCR) - A room dedicated to light hearted chatter and general conversation with guests and members
➡ Depression Support (DS) Room - For members struggling with Depression 
 Anxiety Support (AS) Room - A room dedicated to members/guests struggling with anxiety
LGBTQ+ Support Room - A room dedicated to members in the LGBTQ+/MOGII community. Restricted to members only
Share Your Story (SYS) Room - A room dedicated to sharing personal stories for members or guests who seek group support
➡ Compassion Corner (CC) - A room dedicated to being empathetic and supportive for members or guests seeking a more calming environment
➡ Disability Support Room
➡ Parenting Support Room
➡ Guided Discussion Room - A room dedicated to guided discussions for members, guests, and listeners on a variety of topics (only opened when a planned discussion is taking place)

➡ Thinking Space Room The only room in which you can discuss politics and religion without being modded. Get the key to the room here

➡ Member Hangout Room - This room is a dedicated space for lighthearted chat, and to allow regular members to connect with one another in their own unique way. It does not have a strong support component. Get the key to this room here

➡ Listener Forum - Forums that are within the "Listeners Only Forum." Threads within these forums are available only to those with listener accounts.
➡ Support Forum - Forums that are within the "Support Forum." Thread within these forums are available to members and listeners. 

Chats & Resources


This section is about chats, chat situations you may stumble across, and resources you can use within chats. If you are looking for a specific topic, please use Ctrl+ F (PC) or Command + F (Mac) to search.

 QHow do I start a chat?
A:   On the browser or app, there is a bar below that says General Request, you can click on that to bring up a list of Guests or Members that have put in a request to chat. Some chats can have topics indicated on them too. Click on any of them to start a chat with the Guest or Member. 

If you are Online, you may get a Personal Request if a member starts a chat with you via your profile page. 

 If you are an adult teen listener, you may see a small letter t in a box next to the person's name. This denotes them as a teen (13-17 years of age, inclusive).

Q: How many chats should I be taking?
     A: The recommended amount is 3 chats or max. There are no hard limits, although its best to ensure each member gets a good amount of attention.

Q: I have too many chats and want to get less requests. How can I do this? 
A: If you have too many chats, you can appear Offline by changing your status. Click on your icon on the top right hand corner and set your status to either Busy or Offline so you wont get any new Personal Requests. Click HERE for a picture guide. 

QWhat are things that listeners should not do in chats?     
     A: As a general guide:  NO offsite contact or sharing of social media.  NO taking on suicide chats. NO giving direct advice. NO flirting or sexting.

For a fuller understanding, please read the Rules of Engagement and How to Handle Requests for Advice. 

Q: Is it possible to see more of the conversation other than the last 10 messages?
    A: There isn't unfortunately! The only way it can potentially be seen is if we stay in that chat and don't refresh or switch chats. To keep track of details you may want to remember for future chats with that member, use the Notes feature. Found under Path -> My Notes 

Q: I don't want to see this chat. Can I get rid of it?
     A: You can click the X symbol beside their names to hide the chat. It will re-open if they message you again, and you can return to the chat by clicking on the member's names on your My Impact page. Chats with guests will appear under My Impact as long as they don't clear their cookies.

Q: I have a member who is abusive, threatening, or saying inappropriate things. What do I do?
     A: If a member is insulting, threatening, or sexually harassing you, you can ban their account by clicking on the red button with the crossed out circle and selecting from the drop down menu. If you are confused on when to block or ban a member, please refer to the helpful table under "The Rules" in this document by Ambassador AdventuRin.


QI have a member/guest who says they are suicidal! What do I do?     
     A: Members/guests who say they are suicidal and have an active plan or are at risk of following through must be referred to a suicide hotline. You can refer them to or (US Citizens only).  You can inform them that 7 Cups is not a crisis website. We also do not have the proper training to talk to members/guests who are suicidal.

You can offer them international suicide hotlinesonline suicide resources (including chats), and Suicide Stop for more. While we can offer to stay with them while they contact one of these resources, if they refuse to contact a help line, politely ending the chat is the best way to give them space and time to reach out to professionals.

DO NOT stay and chat with a suicidal person after giving them the resources, they deserve and require the help of professionals.

 Q: I need resources for (topic) in (country).     
     A: You can try Googling for resoures or searching this sheet: International Resources & Hotlines.

 Q: I don't think I can handle this chat. Can someone else take it?     
A:  To refer someone you can describe the chat topic in about 5 words. If another listener volunteers to take your chat, you can give the listener's link to your member. Their link would be Name)

If no one is available to take your chat here, you can try the Listener Hangout Room and then refer them to the Browse Listeners page subsequently.

 Q: I just had a difficult chat. What can I do? 
A: It's alright to feel like you need support after a difficult chat! There are a lot of situations that come up that are heavy, even for the most experienced listener. There are listeners who are peer support that can talk to you. Meaning, their role is to help support listeners after difficult chats. You can go into the listener rooms to see if one is available, they have the blue Peer Support badges.

 Q: I need help on a personal issue. Can a listener talk to me?
A: A listener can definitely talk to you! To maintain boundaries and respect other listeners, we ask that anyone who is in need of help on a personal issue sign on as a guest or member to talk with a listener. If you'd like to know more on why, please refer to community manager Heather's thread here.

Q: What are all these buttons in the chat window for?
    A: Please refer to this picture to see what they look like and their functions. Ending the chat gives the guest/member a reminder to rate and review, as well as a way to get to other chats and forms of support. Either one of you can message again at any time. The Chat Help button sends you to the Listener Support Room, where you can ask general questions or find a mentor to ask for more specific chat help.

While you can block or ban at any point, please only do so as an absolute last resort.

Quality Initiatives & Listener Rewards


This section will talk about the initiatives on the site to improve quality, what they are, and how this relates to you as a listener as well as rewards you can earn as a listener. If you are looking for a specific topic, please use Ctrl+ F (PC) or Command + F (Mac) to search.


Q: I heard I could be evaluated by mentors. Is that true?
    A: This is true! The role of quality mentors is to evaluate and assess the skills of the listeners within the community. You might get one, or you might not! It's hard to know. Think of this as a way to get feedback on your listening skills. We are always willing to work with you regardless of if you pass or not. Please read more about it here.*


Q: I got an e-mail saying I needed to improve! What is this?
     A: These are coaching moments! Based off of the reviews that are sent in by members, you can either get a positive review that will show up on your public profile, or an e-mail stating what you can improve on. You are given multiple chances to improve so don't worry if you get one! You can check out one of our many resources to help yourself improve, get a mentor, or do some researching on your own. Please look at the thread linked to learn more about it.

 You can request for a chat with a quality mentor if you receive a coaching e-mail or if you would just like to improve your skills! Request one here


Q: I've taken the active listening tests. How do I know if I passed?
    A: Please visit the Active Listening 1 Updates  , Active Listening 2 Updates , Active Listening 3 updates , & Active Listening 4 Updates threads to see what date they are caught up to and who to contact if you wish to know about the status of your application.



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