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Glossary of terms

There is a glossary of 7 Cups terminology here: 7 Cups Glossary

Using the glossary

To use the glossary, type the word or phrase you want to look up in the Find box near the top right. The first few letters are usually enough to find the term.

Linking to the glossary

You can link to the glossary from this wiki (or from anywhere else) in the normal way, using the URL:

To link to a particular term in the glossary, add the term's hashtag to the end of the URL. For example, to link to the term bat call use this URL:

Glossary hashtags are lower case, with any spaces converted to hyphens. They are separate from wiki hashtags and feed hashtags.

Reporting errors and omissions

If you find errors or omissions in the glossary, please report them by sending a message to @RarelyCharlie.

Future plans

There are plans to bring the glossary into 7 Cups' own website, and to bring the definitions into this wiki where the community can maintain them in future. There is currently no time scale for this work.


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