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Growth Path Steps and Streak

So you've connected with a listener, checked out this and that on 7 cups, but then, let's get back to the basics.
When going back to the basics, I'm referring to the home page of 7 cups - little circular thingies with numbers on them - and when you click on them, small activities you can complete.

This is also known as Growth Path. Everyone has one (even listeners have one, but theirs is called a Progress Path!) and after completing steps on your Growth Path and/or completing one every day, you begin a streak. You will also see something called 'Your Cup is ________' - usually it says something like, 'Your Cup is Half Full' or 'Your Cup is Nearly Full'. Doing steps on your growth path fills up your cup - and to keep a streak, you have to do Growth Path steps every time your cup is 'nearly full'.

The above is a snapshot of mine - it is pretty fun to do when you have nothing to do. (By the way, I bleeped out some of my numbers) 
These little activities range from:
- Breathing exercises - in the form of GIFs or videos
- Cute kitten videos - then some Q&As; these can be really calming at times, and, oh, so adorable!

- Simple Videos that describe different situations, such as something interacting with another - it can be very interactive and reflective.

- Mindfulness Exercises, such as telling you to listen to an audio and sit down, in order to practice mindfulness
- Self-Help Guides and Quizzes
- Community Interaction Activities, such as sending a number of messages in Group Support, posting in forums, or giving out compassion hearts, or posting on the feed
Congratulations' Messages, such as telling you that you're doing great and hooray, you're already on step ___!

Keep in mind that, yeah, it kinda gets repetitive sometimes, but it's a great way to earn Growth Points for your Member level or just to kill time, or to distract yourself a bit.

If you're interested in getting a Growth Path more suitable for you and your situation, you can unlock them by donating to the Compassion Jar. To learn more, go to Path -> Personalized Paths.

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