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Guidelines for Therapist and Listener Personal Messaging

The following guidelines should be followed by both listeners & therapist!

1. Only therapist can initiate contact.

2. The purpose it so help connect therapy with the community. It is not to be used to start therapy with a listener. Therapist should only be contacting clients if it pertains to the community. If a therapist feels that a listener or SC leader is attempting to get 1-1 therapy from them during these communications, they may block the connection and report the individual involved. It is important to maintain professional boundaries. Therapists under no circumstance can solicit listeners to start paid therapy.  If a therapist solicits therapy from a listener the listener may report the therapist via an anonymous form.

3. If a listener asks about therapy, the Therapist may answer questions and then direct them to the intake process by either giving them their 7 Cups website or start therapy button.

4. Support and education can be provided but no therapy can be done through these messages as consent to treat isn’t obtained.

5. Therapist and Listeners will be mindful of boundaries and if issues arise can submit the report to the anonymous form.

6. All communication needs to take place on the platform.

7. Under no circumstance should minors (users under the age of 18) be in contact with therapists. Sorry teen community - there are regulations preventing this from being possible. At this time the Liaison role will be coordinated by adult leaders.


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