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How to Act When Your Friend Comes Out to You

Written by @RaCat

This week I had a lot of people asking me  "how to act when your friend comes out to you" so I just wanted to list some things you should do when it happens:

yesRemember that coming out is a huge step for everyone in LGBTQ+ community and it took a lot of brave to tel you this so show that you accept it and make them understand it wouldn't change anything in your relationship as this is what LGBTQ+ person are afraid the most.

no Don't discuss your friends sexuality or gender identify with anyone if you are not sure they already knows about it. Because the fact your friend told you this doesn't means he/she told this to others.

yesAsk all questions you need. It's ok not to know everything as the person who came out to you also was looking for these answers for a while. Showing emphaty and care makes person to feel relaxed and important.

no Sometimes when your friend cames out as LGBTQ+ you could have this fear that he/she would have feelings toward you. But if she/he didn't tell this for you, they probably don't. LGBTQ+ people don't feel attraction to every same sex person in the world just like straight people don't have attraction to every opposite sex person.

yes If coming out is related with gender idenify make sure you know what pronounces your friend wants you to use.

no If your friend comes out as bisexual don't ask him/her to choose preferences or don't assume it means he/she would date mostly opposite sex.

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