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How to join the Appreciation team!

The Appreciation Team welcomes everyone to join, Members & Listeners whether you are new or been here a while.  The team is about spreading Appreciation & Gratitude particularly in the 7 cups community.  The team launched back in August 2014, and has continued to grow and thrive.

The Aims of the team include:
🦄 Spreading the love, and showing our amazing community just how much they are appreciated

🦄 To be 100% inclusive

🦄 To spread appreciation in as many ways possible to as many people as possible

What is the structure of the Appreciation Team?

🦄 Choose from 2 monthly goals ethier: 1. To appreciate at least 25 people in the month and post once in the Gratitude and Appreciation Subcommunity or 2. To Appreciate 20 people and lead 1 discussion. ( remember to lead discussions you need to meet discussion requirements found here)

🦄 You have the month to meet that goal, at the end of the month you fill in a form to let us know if you met your goal and if you want to carry on being member of the team.

🦄 If you meet the goal you will receive a special shout which will also include how many total messages we sent as a team. 

🦄 You officially graduate as an Appreciation Buddy and receive the badge.

🦄If you let us know you like to stay member of the team after that month we would love to have you stay with us and become love monster badge holder. (more details will be given by leaders when you join)

How do I join?

🦄  Decide which goal you would like to achieve

🦄 Fill in this application form! 

🦄 A member of the team will then contact your awesome selves to introduce you to the team and give any resources

I have questions  who do I contact?

@River55 (teens) @Minervaaa & @fluffyunicorns84 (teens and adults)


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