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How To Join the Depression Support Feed Team!

Check out MarshmaIIows original post here
Check out the Depression Support Feed Team section here

What is the Depression Support Feed Team?

The Depression Support Feed Team consists of adult and teen members and listeners who actively post on the Depression Support Feed. By doing this, they can spread and grow the community and bring positive messages and understanding towards depression and to our fellow members on 7 cups.


What role will I have when I join the Depression Support Feed Team?

You will be a Feed Team of the Depression Support Feed Team. Under the name of being under Feed Track of Depression Support Community, you will be one of the community leaders of Depression Support as a member of Feed Team.


What will I be doing as a feed team member?

∞ Posting 3 posts on your feed minimum every week. These must be done on separate days (Refrain from posting all 3 in the same day of the week!)

∞ Working with other feed team members in contributing to the feed!

∞ Focusing on a single topic on the feed during monthly and weekly evaluations in order to provide better content on our Depression Support feed!
∞ Filling in a weekly evaluation every week (by Monday 11:59PM EST) in order to track your work


How do I become a member of the Depression Support Feed Team?

In order to become a member, you must meet these requirements:

∞ Is a listener or a member

∞ Have subscribed to the Depression Support Community for 1 week or more

∞ Is able to commit to posting 3 or more posts on the feed in 3 or more SEPARATE DAYS under the hashtag of #depression every week 

∞ Is a lover of the feed and wants to become a team member of the Depression Support Community

If you have met all these requirements, fill in this easy application form here!

Who are the leaders of Depression Support Feed Team?

Marshmaiiows (adult + teen), Zammn (teen)

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