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How We Manage Behavior Infractions!

Here are some more specific Q & A’s:

Who makes the decisions?

The community management team reviews reports and makes decisions aligned with the community guidelines.

What are the processes behind the decisions?

1) report(s) made

2) Investigation

3) review guidelines of community

4) Take action

When do we ban people?

There are a few reasons why we would ban someone. In short - these include: sexting or engaging in relationships with other users, Harassing/ graphic language, repeatedly trying to invite users off of 7 Cups to connect, creating multiple accts for the purpose of causing harm, any kind of misbehaviors with minors, repeated violations of community guidelines with no improvements in behavior after feedback is given.

Why do we not discuss specific cases openly?

We do this out of respect to the individuals involved and to ensure their privacy. I started a thread on this topic here.

What will happen if I speak up? Should I be scared?

Please speak up! Your voices matter. This is your community and we want you to share your ideas in a professional, helpful way that advances our community and mission.  

What kind of “speaking up” is not okay?

Large generalizations that do not reflect the truth or facts, When you lack professionalism or are intentionally hurting another person. Trying to harm the community generally.

It's true that sometimes people think action won't be taken if they report, other times they see action taken and start to worry that the community management team has been over zealous. I get that it's hard to see the full picture without having all the pieces of the puzzle. Please know that we don't enjoy banning people, and especially in cases where we need to remove a members of the community who have shown a lot of dedication to 7 Cups, it's difficult for us too. 

Seeing someone who you respect get banned can be scary and confusing. I understand that. As a community management team, we have tough calls to make. It’s never easy to make those calls, just as it isn't easy to lose somebody you care about. Life is messy. Humans are imperfect. Let’s be messy together.

As always, we are listening. We are doing our best. Share your feedback for me or 7 Cups directly here (anonymously if you choose).

We are so thankful for listeners and all of the volunteers who help around the site. We couldn’t help as many people as we do without the team effort that happens on 7 Cups everyday.

Read the entire post here. 

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