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Impact of Gratitude on Mental Health

Number of studies have been done on the impact of showing gratitude on people's Mental Health. The studies have concluded that being grateful does have a positive impact. Some of the differences that have been found are:

less chronically stressed and have overall better mental health

Sleep better

More positive relationships

Improved Physical Health

Enhances empathy and reduces aggression

Improves self esteem

Increase in resilience


They are many ways to show gratitude in our daily lives including:

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Jar/Box - Have a jar or box and make a time at least few times a week to sit down and write what you are grateful for including what positive feelings you felt and put it in the jar. So you can later read them when feeling low or sad

Saying thank you to each others including why

Writing a thank you note, read the note to the person

Say thank you mentally to whatever you are grateful for

Practice mindfulness


Here on 7cups you can join us practicing gratitude in our forum daily check in or even doing a small act of kindness to show that you care."

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