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Internet Safety For Listeners!

I am writing today with some important information about internet safety and how it ties to our 7 Cups community guidelines.

As a reminder, we have the following Listener Community Guideline in place to ensure that you all stay safe online: 8) Sharing personal contact information in the chat room, over PM or with members is forbidden.

7 Cups is a safe environment for you to build and create connections. We love that you are all building supportive relationships with each other and enjoy connecting! That is the entire point, after all :)

Our prime intention is for the entire community to be safe! Practicing safety on the internet is kind of like brushing your teeth/ oral care: You have to do it every day, you have to check-in on it every 6-12 months with an expert/ trusted friend, you have to understand the risks associated with eating/ consuming certain foods and you have to make decisions for your daily habits in your personal best interest. 

Here are some helpful and important resources about internet safety:

Internet Safety As it Pertains to 7 Cups

We are an anonymous chat site. Anonymous means that you never truly know the person on the other side of the conversation. Never forget that.We have created a safe space for you here. It’s like a home - if you step out of your home and a dog bites you, I can’t help you. I can only protect you within the confines of the 7 Cups safety net.

In my experiences as a community manager, I have encountered stories from people who connected off of 7 Cups and encountered:

- Harassment

- Bullying

- Stalking

- Uncomfortable situations

- Individuals who are targeted

*If you share social media or personal information you risk falling victim to any of these things, which is very scary.*

These behaviors happen ALL over the internet every day and if any of these behaviors happen off of 7 Cups, I cannot help you. You are on your own. It is dangerous, high-risk behavior, that only you are responsible and can be held accountable for.

------> When you think you trust someone:  I have encountered situations where a community member believed they could trust someone and then connected off site only to be bullied and stalked. You don't really know who anyone is until it’s too late. And if your relationship breaks down in the future they will have still have your details. Once given, they cannot be taken back.

------> When groups of people connect together off of 7 Cups: I have seen situations where groups of people connect off site and then let their off site communication negatively impact the culture we have built on 7 Cups. Furthermore, If you connect in large groups off of 7 Cups, you risk your personal anonymity to a large group of people (which is even more high risk than revealing your information to just one person) and listener reputation. 

If you are found to be connecting off site with another listener, I will send you a warning to remind you that this is not appropriate, compromises your personal security/ safety and should be stopped. How it will be managed is discussed in our listener community guidelines. 

Note: Under no circumstances is asking for or sharing your personal contact information with a member admissible. If your member becomes a listener and you share with them at this point, again, I remind you that this is a high risk behavior and of the dangers presented to you in engaging in this behavior. 

Important information: 

------> Any negativity (including: hurtful gossip, harassment or bullying) in the community as a result of your offsite contact, can lead to your termination.

------> If you are currently connected to other users off of 7 Cups, I encourage you to take a step back and be curious about how this is going for you? A few questions to ask yourself:

1) Are the conversations I am having off of 7 Cups productive?

2) Are the conversations I am having off of 7 Cups hurtful?

3) How am I benefiting from these off site relationships?

4) Are these off site relationships impacting my work in the 7 Cups community?

5) Do I really, truly know every user I am connected to? And trust them with my personal information?

Your replies to these questions should indicate to you if your behavior is appropriate or unprofessional. I encourage you to remove yourself from all offsite conversations. 


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