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It's Not 'Being Selfish'... It's Called Love!

by @PurpleFlowerbud

It's Not 'Being Selfish'...It's Called Love! -

To All the Poly, Pan & Bi babes:

This Post is to talk about -

1 - Why Your Current Partner's Gender doesn't change your sexuality

2 - Why Only YOU dictate your Sexuality


Recently a friend of mind talked to me about my love life, and the first thing they said was this:

"You said you are bisexual, You used to date a guy right, wouldn't that make you straight?" "No. I'm still-" "But now you are dating a girl?" "Yeah?""So technically you are now a lesbian right?" "No- I'm a bisexual, Still bisexual, Still like Guys AND Girls. Whoever I'm dating doesn't change MY sexuality."

Sadly, This is a common thing to be asked as a Bisexual, Polysexual, Pansexual etc. Person and it is infuriating but what shocks me the most is the fact that I hear a lot of my fellow Bi & Poly & Pan members worry and panic because they are told they "CAN'T BE" what they are, They Can't label themselves as these wonderful things because 'It's more than one option'.

That's horrendous. First things first: There are a few quotes that are commonly heard when we are confronted with these anti-Bi/Poly/Pan supporters - 

1) "You are just being Selfish/Greedy/Needy/Attention Seeking." No we are not, You are not being Greedy or selfish or anything! You are You! You are just falling in love with the people you care about whether they be a girl or guy or whatever your preference. An average person falls in love with about 6 people in their life, All of which I'm sure are probably their own person, It's the same for us 'Multi-gender lovers' except we see gender as just another aspect.

2) "You date more Girls/Guys/Your current partner is a girl/guy, therefore you probably are just Gay/Straight/Lesbian" Uh, Excuse me no. Maybe I'm a bisexual person who has dated more Girls because I genuinely fell in love with more girls, or I have a slightly larger preference to girls but the fact I call myself Bi - Because i am ATTRACTED to both genders - does not change. Don't let anybody tell you what you are or are not. Whoever I am dating now does not affect my sexuality unless I STATE it does.

3) "You are just a wannabe/closeted Gay/closeted lesbian." What hurts the most is this kind of behaviour and attitude is also prevalent amongst OTHER LGBTQ+ members. Again, once and for all, Who are you to tell me what or who I am? How does my sexuality affect you specifically that you need to label me and categorise me under your own rules?

What I'm trying to say is this: Don't listen to ANYONE who says your sexuality is invalid or dumb or silly, At the end of the day the person who knows your feelings towards the subject is yourself. Never forget that! Don't let someone pressure you into being something you are not just to conform.

Love whoever you want heart

Sorry for the quick doodles, I did them in a rush :)

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