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Laura's Office Log List

DATE : May 1, 2018

Leveling Up in Your Sub-Community - Jr Community Mentor & Community Mentor Role Opt-in Process!

Hi Everyone!

Many of you are leaders on our SubCommunity teams! We are so thankful for your dedicated efforts in bringing support and kindness to our SubCommunity’s!

We have some role titles that represent two privileges. They are -

Jr Community Mentor - Forum Supporter + Group Mod

Community Mentor - Forum Mentor/ Teen Forum Star + Group Mod

***You can read more about the subcommunity leadership structure here.

As you will need to go through multiple trainings to reach the above role titles and their corresponding privileges, we wanted to create a central way for you to let us know you have reached one of these roles. Woohoo!

As many of you know, @Racat is our Subcommunity Ambassador - She has been working so hard to bring support to our teams, helping to launch new SC’s and working to onboard new community mentor leaders! As part of her ongoing role, she will manage this process and this form.

*****All you need to do is fill out THIS FORM once you have gone through all of the appropriate trainings.


DATE : April 28, 2018

Share your ideas! Which existing forum category would you like to see become a sub-com next?

We have many forum categories that would love to become a Subcommunity one day! But we need your help in figuring out what should come next! Please cast your vote below!

You may vote for your top 3 choices! Make sure to review the forum categories before you vote!

Your vote should represent the community you would be most likely to participate in and get support in!

If you're a volunteer with the community, there is a question at the end for you to volunteer to help launch or support the new community during the launch!

DATE : March 22nd, 2018

Community Centered Moderation Update - Fill out this Form to Maintain Your Global Mod Status!

HI Everyone,

This post applies to anyone who is on a volunteer project - for group support or forum! This post represents our last big push to get folks to focus in the Sub-communities before we launch a more formal global moderation role application and training. 

It has been about 3 months since we launched the community centered moderation update! It has been a wonderful learning experience and we are excited to continue to experiment with these new moderation tools!

Since launching, all new group mods and forum supporters/ mentors have been placed to their individual subcommunities! We still have many group mods and forum mods who have opted for global moderation. This is okay, as these are the folks we have grandfathered in to the global mod roles. As promised, they can continue in this role if they would like. Applicants who applied / got plugged in after January 2018, have been asked to focus on their SC first - with the option to apply / opt in for global in the future.

Along these lines, its time to formalize the global moderation role. Especially for group support. For group support, its clear additional training is needed for the global mod role. @Kate will be announcing this application and training process in the near future. 

Before we move forward, we want to do one last push to get folks plugged into Sub-Community specific moderation roles. We know that many of the group mods and forum mods we have grandfathered in are open minded and wanting to focus on their SC's, which is AWESOME. Global moderator is not for everyone, as it can be an incredibly challenging role to be in.  We'd like to make it as easy as possible for people to get plugged into these moderation roles they want. 


IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY A GLOBAL MODERATOR for the following roles - Group mod, forum mentor, forum member leader, forum supporter... Please FILL OUT THIS FORM to let us know you'd like to continue as a global mod in your project area.

Please submit by Wednesday, March 28. 

This is not an application, it is a sign up form. Everyone who signs up to be global mod will maintain their status. Those who do not fill out the form will be asked to focus in their SC and we will adjust their privileges accordingly. (note - the only exceptions would be mods who are on teams for forum categories or unattached rooms).

We will shout this update from the roof tops to ensure everyone hears it and has ample opportunity to fill out this form!.

From there, we will adjust individual roles accordingly. 


DATE : March 6th, 2018

Featured Community of the Week (March 5): Mindfulness Center!


The 7 Cups MIndfulness community is a very special place.....

This community is a very special place on 7 Cups! Mindfulness is a healthy mind practice that we all can benefit from! 

Join here! 

DATE : February 28th, 2018

Updated Information - How to Create A new SubCommunity
Over the past few months, many of you have PMed or emailed me about launching a new SC. This is great and I applaud everyone for wanting to help out. In this post, I will spell out more specifically how to take this on and the what you need to know to create a positive and active SC. There are some changes from past processes, so please refer to this updated post.


Requirements to create a new SC -

----> There should be an existing forum category. You can see all forum categories that are not yet Subcommunities here  -

----> You should be a trained group mod & forum mentor/ forum teen star/ forum member leaders (or have someone on your team who is)

----> You need to be a team player, have a history of working well on a team!

----> Have a positive outlook!

----> Willing to problem solve and face problems head on!

---->Willing to be really hands on when the Subcommunity launches to get all of the different elements set up! It will take about 3+ months get your SC cooking!

----> Please fill out this application!


Note: you can apply to be a community mentor leader of your new SC, once it has been created! Learn more about this role here -

Before we will launch a new SubCommunity - we need to make sure there is a base line engagement in that forum area or room. We will not launch a Subcommunity if there is zero interest or participation in that topic. So if you want to help launch a new Subcommunity - please dive in - start posting, writing discussions, working towards relevant leadership roles...etc. 


Like all things on 7 Cups, this process may continue to evolve or change depending on your feedback or things we learn along the way! Thank you!

DATE : February 28th, 2018
3 Roles: 1 SubCommunity - Who does what! CML VS Support team Leader/ Support Team Teen Star VS Forum mentor/ Forum Teen Star/ Forum member leader!



Community Mentor leader, Support team Leader & Forum mentor are the 3 roles that coordinate the SC from a high level. Each role has its own duties. Each individual in these roles must coordinate with the others - these 3 groups/ roles should work together. But they  have different tasks within the SC. Just because you are one of these roles, doesn’t mean you are the other.

What is the duty of the Support Team Leader/ Support Team Teen Star?

This individual coordinates with all the support session leaders on their team. They help onboard the new support session leaders. They ensure support sessions happen, keep the discussion schedule (both on Tockify and in their team dashboards) up-to-date for their team, and host support sessions themselves. Support team leaders are also responsible for periodically reviewing the drafted discussions for their team and drafting new discussions to be lead in their rooms. They are a friendly and present member of the rooms associated with their SC. If there is an escalation in the chatrooms the support team leaders will be asked to step up and help resolve it.


What is the duty of the Forum Mentor/ Forum Teen Star/ Forum Member Leader?

Forum mentor(s) in a SC is the lead forum moderator. They ensure the forums are supportive and uplifting. They remove content from the forums that is unhelpful or violates our community guidelines. They work closely with other forum mentors and forum supporters to coordinate the daily checkins, welcome threads, new thread content and any forum special events. If there is an escalation in the forums the forum mentors will be asked to step up and help resolve it. Additionally, this role will support all of the Forum Supporters in their Subcom by checking in with them, teaching them forum best practices, encouraging them to post...etc.


What is the duty of the CML?

This role is to coordinate and oversee the daily operations of entire sub-community, ensuring that forums, group support and feed teams collaborate and work together for the betterment of the sub-community. You will work to ensure your sub-community continues to be a place of support, kindness and activity. You are responsible for organizing team meetings and ensuring that there is communication across the entire SC. Additionally, you will keep the leadership board up to date. To do this, you will need to be in close communication with the Forum Mentors/ Forum Teen Stars/ Forum Member Leaders & Support Team Leader/ Support Team Teen Stars. You are an active participant in both the forums and group rooms and you are able to step up and fill in for roles where and when needed. You check in regularly with the support team leaders and forum mentors - having open communication and supporting them in their departments. (See the full write up this role here) .


Note: Not all Sub-Communities have a CML at the moment. We are hoping to add more in the upcoming weeks/ months as qualified applicants come through. If your community does not have this role filled, please coordinate your leadership board with an ambassador or community manager. @Racat is our Sub-community Ambassador and is able to help update your leaderboards as needed. Please reach out to them to request changes.

Note 2 - We are sitll working on updating the CML title (per this post) to be teen inclusive. Please stay tuned, we will make this change soon!

DATE : February 9th, 2018

Sub-Community Leadership Track Announcement - Pulling It All Together

Hi Team -

It’s clear that we need to more clearly define the Sub-community leadership track as distinct from the other tracks. In the past it has lived within the “community” track, but today, the SC track claims its independence. To ensure this track is inclusive to all age groups - teen & adult - we will refer to it as “advocate” (not mentor or star - a new word to encompass all age groups).

What is the sub-community mentor leadership track:

A track dedicated to building supportive sub-communities for members. This track supports all the leaders and volunteers in a given Subcommunity to ensure continuity of experience and clear communication. This track combines the knowledge of the forums and group support with a deep love for community building.

We talk a lot about self-care on 7 cups. And that will always be the case, especially with our leadership teams. Many of the roles outlined below are a combination of roles (ex. You are both a forum mentor & a group mod). The idea here is that instead of focusing on being a group mod or a forum mod in many areas of the site, you’d pick a sub-community and learn both the forum roles and the group support roles SPECIFICALLY FOR THAT SUBCOMMUNITY.

The idea is focus on up to three Sub-communities on 7 cups but be able to build community in these spaces representing both forum and group support.

Jr SubCommunity Mentor  -

Privileges: Forum Supporter + Group Mod

This individual is trained as both a group mod and forum supporter and they have all of the corresponding privileges. Once they have gone through both trainings, they will unlock the ability to be listed in their SC with this title.

In this role, a Jr Community Mentor should be:

-----> A friendly face in both the forums and group rooms

-----> Knowledgeable about the SC topic and be passionate to build a supportive environment for the members and fellow leaders/ listeners in this subcommunity

-----> Welcoming to all new members

-----> Coordinating and supporting the daily check-in threads

-----> Willing to learn and work as a team with the other leaders in the subcommunity

-----> Adding new welcoming monthly cohort threads

SubCommunity Mentor  -

Privileges: Forum Mentor + Group Mod

This individual is trained as both a group mod and forum mentor and they have all of the corresponding privileges. Once they have gone through both group mod & forum mentor/ teen forum star trainings, they will unlock the ability to be listed in their SC with this title.

In this role, a Community Mentor should be:

-----> A friendly face in both the forums and group rooms

-----> Knowledgeable about the SC topic and be passionate to build a supportive environment for the members and fellow leaders/ listeners in this subcommunity

-----> Coordinating and supporting the daily check-in threads

-----> Willing to learn and work as a team with the other leaders in the subcommunity

-----> Adding new forum conversations / topics

-----> Work closely with the community Advocate leader to execute special events, resolve conflicts and ensure a safe experience for all members


Sub Community Advocate Leader -  (read the original post about this role here)

A Subcommunity Advocate Leader shall coordinate and oversee the daily operations of the entire sub-community, ensuring that forums, group support and feed teams within their SC collaborate and work together for the betterment of the sub-community. They will work to ensure their community continues to be a place of support, kindness and activity. This will be a project based role, where your project is to take ownership of your sub-community, coordinate with other leaders, participate in group activities and be a reliable friendly face! This individual is a positive and uplifting force - always supporting new leaders and helping to teach skills to volunteers. You will work closely with the Jr SC Advocate & Community Advocate to ensure a positive atmosphere and ongoing participation.

Role Duties:

----->  Know all of the other leaders on your team! Make sure they are doing well, support them, be someone they can always go to with questions and ideas! You are the team cheerleader !

----->  Proactively reach out to your leaders to check in once per month/ Help the leaders on your team by setting goals

----->  Organize and lead subcommunity team meetings

----->  Make sure the leadership list is up to date

----->  Host special events in your sub-community! Should be at least one special event every 3 months (working with the jr advocate and advocates to host this)

-----> Be a friendly face in your community

----->  Post to the forums regularly - if your community has a check-in section - checking in regularly is a great way to show you are a friendly face

----->  Participate in group support - be a friendly face

----->  Fill in! We all know that volunteers sometimes have personal issues pop up! You will be responsible for “pinch hitting” & filling in to ensure regularly scheduled programming continues

----->  Able to take role on for 4+ months (if and when you leave the role, you will be responsible for training a new person to take over).

-----> Attends Advocate leader meetings and reports on the health of their SC to the community management team directly


Please see this drawing to see what the structure will look like within each SC -

While writing this post someone asked how conflict will be resolved within a given SC.

Group support - Conflict resolution within a groups support team will remain the same. As the first line of support, please always contact your group support team leader. If you are unable to resolve the group support conflict, you can connect with a community manager.

Forum - Conflict resolution within your subcommunity forum should include the forum mentors within your subcom. Please reach out to the forum mentor in your subcommunity to ask for suggestions, ideas and best practices on how to manage conflict.


I know this will continue to evolve and change. Please review and leave your feedback! :)

DATE : January 27th, 2018

Pioneers of Community Centered Moderation! Information & a Shout-out!

It is with great excitement that I announce the pioneers of the Community Centered Moderation Update!

Specifically, the Self-Harm Recovery Community & the Trauma community teams! 

Additionally, on Sunday, January 28th, the 35 Plus community will go live. As a brand new community, they will also be pioneers of this exciting new moderation update! We are so thankful to have them join in!

Over the past week, we have worked out some kinks and been able to figure out more specific needs of this update. Most importantly, I am highly impressed with the individuals who have decided to jump on board to help us learn and evolve this new update. These folks have been patient and helpful in giving feedback and communicating amongst themselves. I am incredibly proud of these individuals and excited to see their communities thrive in the upcoming weeks and months.


Please help me give a shout-out to these folks!

With special shoutout to the community leaders in these communities. These folks have been incredibly helpful in sharing information with their team, taking a risk to try this out and being leaders and friends to all as we transition into this new phase of moderation. I am very thankful for their leadership and williingness to try something new! @KristenHR @LunaHecate @AiluraBlaze @dancingRainbow45 @eccho  


35 Plus team -

@PoliteOcean @lemonsaint @DaveMcGrath @LunaHecate @LlamaGlama @BeyondTheInvisible @AiluraBlaze @caringPanda45 @LunasCares @Butterflycat

Trauma Team -

@KristenHR @sweetLily41 @rozie @Emily619 @RumpleSteeleSkin @Halogen @DeborahUK @SmileYoureWorthIt @Softwhispers @Hoxenos @RaCat @YourFriendforever @Isha @SoftForestHSP77 @Saif1for1Resilience @SaltyDog68 @dancingRainbow45 @JustLikeMellie @AnnaKateMillerLCSW @Amandisa16 @BooksHugsandTea6370 @SunFern @Raveninthelabrynth @LifeIsMyCanvas @PenguinsCrossing @agreeableKite4304 @windflowers @Compassionatelistener108 @BeeLeigh


Self-harm Team -

@Ila @rebecca947 @dancingStrawberry34 @Amy @JovialOne @Emily619 @BugInARug @Erica @PhoenixAsh @Azurentz

@LinearWaves @BurningEmber @summertimeSamness @Truth22 @Eccho @FluffyKittens86 @Katiev @Erato @brilliantTurtle89 @TCo @SmileyPower @Chocoholic247 @helpfulSoul64 @kindSoul10 @JaydenIsHere @Butterflycat @Keion @eeveeon @CourtTheNinja @Tryingtobefree98 @blossombreathe @blissedNblessed @Moosewithducks @AshtheFab @EnigmaForte


DATE : December 1st, 2017

Moderation Trial Period & Information on Global Moderation Roles


We are excited to announce the trial period with SC moderation tools! YAY! You can review more information about this update here and here.  

Other communities included in this process are - Self-Harm Recovery, Trauma, POC & LGTBQ.

This is a unique opportunity to support our community and grow together.  I am so happy to see these SC's come together to help out and participate in this special trial. We are thrilled to learn with them!

Here is how it will work:

For the month of December, we will turn on the locked moderation tools for these special selected sub-communities. For the purpose of this experiment, we will ask all participants of these communities to take a break from the global mod role so we can truly have an effective trial period. Fore, if everyone in the choosen SC’s has global moderation abilities and SC moderation abilities, we’d not have an effective trial - infact, we'd learn nothing. After this month, we will return the global moderation badges back to anyone who would like to have it back. This will give us plenty of time to learn, hear feedback and make tweaks as needed!


How will global moderation work?

This is for forum & group mods (teens & adults) -  you all will be invited to become a global moderator. Some of you will not want to and that is cool, you can focus on your SC area. Others of you love the global mod role and have been trained to be global mods! We want to honor this role and your hard work in the rooms/ forums by allowing you to continue as a global moderator. This is for ALL existing moderators (forum & group). But for all new mentors/ moderators who apply in the future, we will ask that all mods apply to join a team within a subcommunity. The mods of the future will have 2 basic levels:

1. Subcommunity mod (forum or group)

2, Global mod - once they gain experience and trust in their SC, qualified applicants can apply to also be part of the global moderation teams. We are still working on the application process and criteria, your feedback welcome!

We are open to feedback on these ideas! We are really excited to learn and grow together!!!

DATE : November 9th, 2017

New Communities Staging Area - 3 on the list! Your help needed!


Hi Everyone, 

We are ready to start gearing up to launch a few new sub-communites! Yay! Below is the short list of topiscs we'd like to focus on! 

1) Caregivers 

2) Addiction Support 

3) 35+ 


I am looking for volunteers to help get these communities off the ground! If you or someone you know is passionate about one of these topics and is a regular member in one of these areas and wants to help out, please post to this thread! 

We need: Forum supporters, forum mentors/ forum member leader, group

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