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List of Trans* Identities

by @RaCat and @TaranWanderer

enlightened Transgender: a broad term used for when a person’s gender identity does not match the gender that they were assigned to at birth. Can either be used in regards to those who specifically identify as another binary gender, or as an umbrella term for all non-cis identities (when used as an umbrella term, typically written as “trans*”).

enlightened Trans identities:

heart FTM (“female-to-male”) aka transman: a person who was assigned female at birth, but identifies as male.

heart MTF (male-to-female”) aka transwoman: a person who was assigned male at birth, but identifies as female.

enlightened Cultural-specific trans identities, many times called third-gender: genders that are specific to cultures around the world that do not fall under the very Western idea of the gender binary. They may or may not see themselves as ‘transgender’, but are unique in their culture and typically take on the roles of all genders in the society, as well as a spiritual role. All are very important and deeply tied to the cultures, and not an identity that people outside these cultures can have. Some examples:

heart Hijra – Indian and South Asian

heart Two-Spirit – Native American (used by many nations/groups)

heart Fa’afafine - Samoan

heart Femminiello - Neapolitan

heart Travesti – South American

heart Māhū – Hawaiian and Tahitian

heart Lhamana – Native American (Zuni)

Nonbinary: any identity that is outside the binary (male and female) of gender. It can be an identity itself, or used as an umbrella term for many identities that simply lay outside the binary (which itself falls under the larger umbrella “trans*”).

Genderqueer: a person whose gender does not conform to the typical binary of gender, another term that can either be an identity itself, or an umbrella term (interchangeable with nonbinary umbrella term)

Identities that typically fall under the non-binary/genderqueer umbrella:

Agender: a person who feels they do not have a particular gender, may also be called genderless, neutrois, or gender neutral

Bi/tri/polygender: a person’s sense of their gender encompasses a certain number of genders (bi = two genders, tri = three genders, poly = several but not all)


Omni/Pangendera person who feels they are all genders

Genderfluidwhen your gender does not feel fixed, but instead can change and fluctuate, gender that’s fluid

Genderflux: when gender intensifies over time, where the identities themselves don’t change, but the strength which the person feels them does

Demigendernonbinary identities that have a partial connection to another gender, feeling partially but not wholly as one gender (eg. Demiboy would be a nonbinary person that is leaning to the masculine side, but does not feel comfortable being fully considered a male or all that it entails)

Mascugender/femgender: a nonbinary gender that is masculine/feminine in nature


Endogender: when a person’s gender changes and fluctuates, but only within a certain area (eg. only fluid in feminine genders). A subset of genderflux/genderfluid

Quoigenderwhen the idea and concept of gender in inapplicable or nonsensical to a person’s identity

Cancegender: a person whose base gender is agender, but it can fluctuate and change from this, however always coming back to the baseline of agender

Apogender: a subset of agender, in which the person’s identity is not just genderless, but completely outside and removed from the concept of gender

Aporagendera nonbinary identity that isn’t male or female or anything inbetween specifically, but the person still has a specific feeling of gender within themselves.

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