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Members Listen up! Make The Reviews You Leave For Listeners Count!

Hi there member community! 

Did you know that members leave an average of 8000 written text reviews for their listeners EVERY WEEK!? That is a lot of words! 

Of those 8000, did you know that nearly 45% don't tell us anything about the quality of the chat or the quality of the listener? Yes, you are leaving thousands of unhelpful reviews every week! sad Let's put an end to this bad habit! 

Member's Listen Up!! Here are five tips for leaving an awesome review:  

1) You always want to answer this question: What does my review say about the quality of the listener I have just spoken to? 

Example review:  "She did not respond to me after picking up the chat." 

Feedback: This is well written. Tells us what happened in the chat. 

Example review: sad

Feedback: This is not a well written review. We are not able to make generalizations from an emoticon. 

2) Avoid using emoticons ONLY. You can add an emoticon to emphasize your text. But do not use an emoticon completely on its own. Tell us about why that emoticon expresses how you felt after the chat. 

3) Do not give product, site or community feedback in your text review. There are other ways to do that. In this text review, only focus on what happened in the listener chat. 

4) Focus on the skills listed below. Try to answer one of these questions while leaving your review:

- Did your listener act in a professional and supportive way? 

- Did your listener respond to you in a timely manner? (especially during a live chat)

- Did your listener give you advice? 

- Did your listener act empathetically towards you? 

5) Use kind, uplifting, professional and supportive language - even if your review is not positive. 

Ex. This listener tried to help, she tried to be kind. But her comments often included giving advice and making assumptions about what I was sharing. She needs to continue to improve. 


We hope that you keep these tips in mind the next time you are leaving a review for a listener. Thanks for all your feedback!

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