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On-boarding Process! How will a new therapist Liaison get plugged in?

How does a willing therapist get connected / apply to be a Therapist Liaison to a Subcommunity? In the past, we had an application process. But we’d like to try out another system that will make it easier for therapists to get in contact with you all directly and discuss the role. Since the only way that private messages can be initiated is from the therapist to the listener, we recommend this process:

1. If your SC is looking to fill the therapist liaison role, please make a post in this Help Wanted area! Or post in your own SC! This is giving a therapist permission to PM you so make sure the person who wants to communicate with the therapist does the posting.   

2. From there - we will help spread your ask to the therapist community. Any therapists who are interested, will be asked to PM you directly to learn more and get involved.

3. Once a Therapist Liaison candidate has reached out to you, you can share more information about your Subcommunity and how you think they could help.

4. This process should be managed or supported by the Community Mentor Leaders, as they will be the ones who can add/ remove leaders from the leadership list.

5. Introduce your new Therapist liaison to the community. Yay! Invite them to join in and get to know the rest of the team. Make sure they feel welcome!

6. Set them up with a special forum section to manage and support. This could be an existing subforum, or a newly created “therapists corner.” it is up to you and the therapist Liaison to decide where their work will best fit in!


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