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Personalised Growth Path

I wanted to talk about Personalised Growth Paths. I understand very few people know much about it, due to the fact that Personalised Growth Paths are limited to those who have donated to the Compassion Jar.
However, these paths are so useful! They can help you learn more about yourself too as well as give you activities designed for people in your situation. Instead of doing unrelated stuff every day to complete your streak, you can do this for self-healing!

First, let's talk about where you can change your Personalised Growth Path:
1. You can change it under Path -> Personalised Paths:

2. Followed by selecting the path you want to use:

For this example, I decided to choose 'Depression: Overcoming Depression' for sample usages, but you can choose whichever you want. I suggest you look at all of them to know what choices you can make, followed by clicking on the one that you do want to use.

3. Click on the one you want to use and select it:

4. If successful, you should be able to use it:

5. Now return to your Growth Path, it should be called whichever one you chose:

6. And here's a sample activity I got for Depression Path:

Now, let's talk about what Personalised Growth Path does:
Personalised Growth Paths contain activities made for those dealing with a certain situation. It helps shape you and self-heal with its activities that are expertly compiled and made for you. If you like keeping up with your streaks, this is also a fun way to do so.

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