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Repulsed, Neutral, Positive Aces

by @TaranWanderer

Many times when people think of "asexual", they think of someone who does not have "intimate" relationships, and who is disgusted by them. However, there are many different ways that being asexual can affect someone's private relationships!

This could be broken down into 3 categories: Repulsed, Neutral, and Positive.

A sex-repulsed asexual person would fall under the common idea, where they are 'repulsed' by the idea of sex and it does not interest them in the slightest. They do not feel sexual attraction, and are not comfortable with the act itself. This may mean that the person does not feel any arousal at all even from physical contact, or they may still have physical reactions but are just uncomfortable with them.

A sex-positive asexual would still not feel the sexual attraction, yet is comfortable and/or interested in having sexual relations with others.

And of course the last category is somewhere in the middle, sex-neutral. Again, since they are asexual they would not feel sexual attraction, but they are not wholly uncomfortable with the idea or act of relations. They may not desire it, but would still be okay engaging in activities of that nature. 

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