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Roles to get involved in

Room Supporter
This role is required before you can apply for Mod Additional training needed alongside general training to remain active at least once a week in Anxiety rooms

Chatroom moderator
This role is for those passionate about Chat Rooms and wish to make Anxiety a focus area. Additional training specific to Snugglepile Room will be required after general mod training, as well as establishing yourself as a loving presence in the room prior to being granted mod powers. <3 Requirement pop up open chats once per week 30 mins

Support Session Leader
This role is open to both members and listeners and involves leading weekly discussions in the chat rooms. This is required for moderators, and is a good way to establish yourself prior to becoming one! ^-^

Discussion Author
If you are interested in creating engaging content for our discussions, we have a number of topics available for fleshing out or you are free to create your own. We require 1 discussion a month in order to remain a team member. <3

Please contact CaringBrit or VickyP regarding chatroom roles.

Forum Supporter
If you feel at home in the forums (on the community page), this is the role for you! It involves hopping around replying to posts in a supportive way, creating engaing content, and in general just making our community page a wonderful, welcoming place to be! :D

Please contact bunnypants regarding forum roles.

Feed Team
If you love the feed, all you have to do for this is regularly post supportive content with the #anxiety tag!
Fairly new but DrDonut is the leader however can also contact CaringBrit, VickyP, or bunnypants the quota is 3 posts per week

Please contact bunnypants regarding feed roles.

If you are interested in any of these roles, then please reach out to us! ^-^

Snugglepile Team would love to have you on board in any of these great roles! :D

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