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Science Resources

General resources

Bill Nye Helps reinforce material that you may be learning in your lectures.

Brain Pop uses animation, movies, and short interactive quizzes to interest and entertain the young science student on topics like cellular life and genetics, ecology and behavior, forces of nature, our fragile environment, scientific inquiry, and paleontology and anthropology.

Science News This website educates students on science-related topics in the news. News items—such as the decline of the population of honeybees and how forensic science is used to solve crimes—are explained with kids in mind. The site is more appropriate for middle and high school students, but again, younger students can benefit from it with some adult interpretation.

PhET Simulations Free interactive simulations on various science topics - shows concepts in real-time action.

Chemistry Resources

Green Chemistry - Provides activities and experiments to help understand Green Chemistry

Chemistry Games - Provides games to help understand chemistry concepts

Chemistry Quizzes FREE online interactive quizzes on Chemistry, science games & general chemistry quiz.



Practical Physics Resources about physics and other topics - teaching concepts in ways that are tangible and easy to understand.

Earth Science / Astronomy 

SkyView Lite An app that shows constellations and planets in correlation to where you are standing in real time. Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

TNM Download Download topographical maps for any area for free. Check "US Topo" on the left, search desired location, click "Find Products," add to cart, then view your cart. Click "download" and the map will download for free.
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