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Self-Harm FAQ Page

Self-Harm FAQ/Wiki Page

So many of you have had questions recently, and this is where they will be answered. Please take some time to thoroughly read through this page to see if there is a question you want to be answered which already has an answer to it. Don’t see a question you want to be answered? You can reach out to @bear228  


Got feedback for this page? Feel free to PM @bear228  or use this form and help make this page an even better and more helpful place!

Why is the Self-Harm Recovery room only open for discussions?

Unfortunately, as much as we would like it to be, we cannot allow the room to be open at all times because there could be triggering or graphic information about self-harm in the room which could trigger other people, making it problematic if a moderator is not active in the room or available at the time. To keep it a truly safe and secure place, we simply cannot keep it open without a moderator available. Discussions and support sessions are held in the room as regularly as possible. You can find out the times for all discussions and support sessions by clicking here. This can be an inconvenience, however, please remember you can connect one on one with a listener at any time during the day to talk about this! You can click here to browse listeners who support the self-harm topic.

What types of discussions happen in Self-Harm Recovery?  What are they for? 

We offer various discussions within our community! 

Support Sessions - These are discussions which happen with a script, they are on many different topics. Feel free to
@bear228 to suggest a topic if you haven't seen it done! 

Distraction Discussions - These are typically light-hearted sessions, like games and fun events. We host these to distract from the urges of self-harm with a fun activity. Additionally, these provide the chance to meet new people and create friendships, while having a fun time and avoiding self-harming.

Open Chats - These are support sessions where we open up the floor to the members and allow them to get support with the self-harm and be supported by others. They can feel safe to share their stories in a safe and welcoming environment a little like a 1-on-1 conversation with listeners but with more people and less triggering details. 

Pop-Up Discussions - These are discussions which are not scheduled on the Tockify calender. Luckily for out subcommunity, we can be lead for as long as a mod can be present as our room is not a 24/7 opened room. 

Mindfulness Coping -These sessions are lead as a distraction discussion, they are a mix between distraction discussions and support sessions they are for anyone to come along to. We watch videos, have an open discussion and have questions. 

Why can’t I talk about tools used in self-harm in the group room or forums?

While we allow people to share the method they use of self-harm where appropriate to try and convey their message we cannoy allow for people to share the names of any tools used in self-harm.This could be a potential trigger for someone who has self-harmed in the past, or still actively does. Therefore we cannot allow people to discuss the names of tools as we cannot know someone’s situation, and what could make it harder for them, or cause a relapse.

What can we talk about in the Self-Harm Recovery room?

You can talk about anything that doesn’t go against the site rules or no-go’s mentioned on this page. So, to clarify, no overly triggering descriptions of self-harm or other triggering topics, no mod hate, no sexually suggestive or inappropriate conversation, and no sharing of off-site contact details.

Where else can I get support for self-harm?

7 Cups offers a wide range of support through the Self-Harm Recovery room, forums and through a 1-on-1 chat with one of our very lovely, kind, free volunteer listeners. Alternatively, we can also offer resources to outside services such as hotlines and online therapy, hosted by 7 Cups. You can click here for a megathread, including hotlines and resources.

Are we able to share our own experiences with self-harm if we are careful about details on methods?

Yes! Please feel free to! We listeners and mods want to provide the best support we can to you. Furthermore, sharing your own story supports others by letting them know they are surrounded by people who have gone through the same things as them, and if you have recovered, they feel empowered. However, sometimes there are things that can trigger people, whether to do with self-harm or not. For example, child abuse, rape, or domestic violence. Please be careful around these and similar topics if you’re story involves them, and stay open-minded as to why it could trigger other people, but we still want you to feel motivated and empowered to share your story whether it does or not - just don’t get too graphic. At the end of the day, we want to make this the safest and warmest possible space for everyone who joins.

Who should I contact if I have an issue to do with the 7 Cups Self-Harm Recovery team? What if a team member is breaking the rules?

If you have any issue with the team, you can bring it up with @bear228 or @Tazzie We are very open to suggestions and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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