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Session 2 - The barriers to Disclosure of Childhood abuse

Hello everyone and welcome to our Abuse related Trauma support session. Today we will be discussing Issues around the barriers to disclosing childhood abuse.  Trauma sessions will run at the same times each week and they are an opportunity for you to learn from and share with one another. Let’s remember to show kindness and support to others in the group at all times. If you need more support during this time, please connect 1-1 with a listener. See this resource thread


( for coping if being triggered.


Everyone is welcome to share and participate as they would like, but we respectfully ask you to let everyone participate in the discussion as they are comfortable to do so. Due to the nature of trauma discussion, please do not provide graphic details of your trauma to help prevent triggering others.


Reminder:  If you feel yourselves being triggered, remember it's okay to take a breather from the room and come back when you are feeling ready to.  Remember to use the link on grounding and if necessary, reach out for support to a listener. You come first and it's important to look after your needs!


Reminder if needed in discussion by leaders - To show respect to one another let’s keep this a safe, supportive space,  remembering not to be too graphic to avoid triggering others, and focus on the current question so everyone feels included and involved.


Icebreaker - If you could have one wish, what would it be and why?


  1. For those who have suffered abuse, it can be really difficult to talk with someone about it, especially when the abused is a child.   What do you think could stop a child from telling others about the terrible things they have been through or that are happening to them?


  1. Now let’s talk about your own experiences.  You do not have to share anything that you are not comfortable sharing, this is a safe space. How was it for you?  Were you able to disclose to anyone the abuse you suffered? How quickly were you able to tell someone about the abuse?  If there was anything that stopped you, what was that? If you did tell, what responses did you receive?


  1. For those of you who did not disclose the abuse you were suffering, what led to you not feeling able to tell anyone and what do you feel are the common fears for those thinking  about telling someone?


  1. Telling someone safe about your experiences, takes a lot of courage, time and the right  circumstances. When did you disclose about what happened to you? What kind of circumstances made it okay for you share?  Where there any factors that led to you deciding to disclose about the abuse you suffered?


  1. What do you feel makes it perhaps a little easier for an adult to feel safe enough to disclose that may not have been present for them as a child?


  1. We have talked about the things that can stop someone from telling others about what we have been through?  How much of a truth did those fears turn out to be?


  1. What do you feel would have made it easier for you to have disclosed about the abuse you were suffering as a child? And what about now, what makes it easier for you now as an adult?


  1. What kind of  signs/symptoms do you feel a child who has been or is being abused could display, that adults could pick up on?  How was it for you, did anyone pick up any signs to offer you help and support? If yes, how did they react? If not, how do you feel about this now?


  1. What do you feel about the media portrayal of abuse of children?  Do you feel the way childhood abuse is represented in the media had an impact on your decision to disclose/not disclose?  What is helpful and unhelpful about the way childhood abuse is handled in the media when it comes to considering reporting?


  1. What was the most unhelpful/helpful thing you encountered when disclosing abuse or thinking about doing so and what would you like to see done differently in order to encourage others to come forward? Would you say that disclosing abuse as an adult is easier than that for a child and what do you feel makes the difference for those of you who have chosen to speak out?


Thank you everyone for participating in this group support discussion.  If you would spend a minute filling in this feedback form, it would be most appreciated.  Thank you for being here and take care of yourselves.


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