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Setting up and maintaining checkins

Check-ins are an integral part of a thriving sub-community.  Here are some best practices to get started:

1.  Set up a dedicated sub-forum section for check-ins.
2.  Decide on a check-in schedule for your sub-community.  Daily or weekly are most common.  
     TIP: If your sub-community has a small team consider starting with weekly or bi-weekly check-ins first.  You can always add more days if your team is able to cover posting.
3. Assign check-ins to participating team members.  Whoever posts the check-in is also responsible for responding to comments, but the entire team should be engaged in replying and keeping the conversations going when possible.
4. Ensure team members are posting their scheduled check-ins, keep your team accountable for their duties with friendly reminders and team stats.

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