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Study Tips

Stay Focused!
Manage your time and set a schedule
~ List your priorities
~ Remove any distractions (this includes your phone!)
~ Dark chocolate, nuts, and fruit will help you focus 
~ Take short breaks 
~ Highlight or underline information so you pay attention

General Tips!
~ Study with a group or a friend 
~ Review old material, like looking back at homework or old quizzes
~ Work based on priorities and not level of difficulty
~ Do not procrastinate! 
~ Ask for help when you need it
~ Drink plenty of water
~ Listen to calming music (studies show this helps!)
~ During class, take note of what the teacher says is important
~ Make a study guide of important information
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Study Methods
~ Set aside time specifically made for studying, even if you are not motivated to do so. Habit is key.
Read any assigned readings before class to get a sense of what you are learning that day.
~ Take effective in-class notes by picking a method that fits your studying/learning style.
   ~ Notes do not have to be incredibly neat in class!
~ Clarify any confusion by asking a professor or teacher.
Rewrite notes if desired.
Write questions that may be asked on a test and answer them.
~ Review verbally to ingrain words and concepts in your mind.
Explain the concept to a friend - "teaching" is one of the best ways to learn!
~ Identify main ideas and concepts, and connect them to the "bigger picture" or previously-learned concepts.
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