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Sub-Community Therapist Liaison Role Description

We rolled out the therapist liaison program last year and it was great to see therapist interacting in the community. The therapist community is incredibly blown away by the work we’ve done building up sub-communities, support teams and forum moderation systems. Therapist continue to ask how they can be involved  in sub-communities. They want to help out and offer their knowledge and support.

As many of your know, we call this role the sub-community therapist liaison role.  This role is designed to encourage therapist participation and community engagement on a per sub-community basis!

The Sub-community therapist liaison role is designed for any therapist who wants to play a more active role in the broader community volunteering in the forums and feed.

Some ideas of ways a therapist might engage in the sub-community forums/ feed:

-------> Have a Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread

-------> Provide education about a topic of interest

-------> Help edit and make suggestions on group discussion templates.

-------> Have a “therapist corner” subforum where they add threads every week relevant to the SC topic.

-------> Be a friendly face! Post to the forums, share in the check-in threads, share a reply with a struggling community member...etc. Be present in the forums. Remember you are not to give advice or therapy as you can’t get consent to treat.

------->  Liaisons are welcome to attend any SC team meetings (note: not all communities host team meetings).

------->  Post to your feed using your sub-communities corresponding hashtag! Make feed posts relevant to the topic and your community!

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