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What can I expect from a Listener?

It may be confusing what listeners can do for us - which is why it's important to know what kind of resources a listener can give you before choosing different ways in order to self-heal.

What can a listener offer you?

- A listening ear

- Support, compassion, empathy and understanding

- Resources and ideas related to the 7 Cups help guides

- A timely reply to your messages

- Professionalism

- Appropriate language

- A non-judgemental safe haven
- Suggestions and help for you to open up

What can a listener be to us?
- A friend that supports us
- Someone who will not judge
- Someone who you can rant to
- Someone who you respect/admire
- Someone part of your support system

What can't a listener offer you?

- Advice
- Opinions on situations, beliefs, and values

- Inappropriate conversations

- Dating Services

- Connecting off-site
- Crisis Counselling 
- Roleplay


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