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What is the role of a listener in group support?

The aim of a Listener in the Group Support rooms should be to offer support and encouragement to members and guests in a group setting.

You will be successful in this role if you:

   ✓ use your active listening skills
   ✓ are aware of newcomers entering the chat room and take care to be welcoming and inclusive to everyone
   ✓ ensure the focus is on supporting members at all times 
   ✓ show warmth, kindness and support to guests and members
   ✓ keep the conversation moving forward and ask thoughtful questions to engage the group
   ✓ maintain a high level of professionalism   
   ✓ are familiar with the chat room rules and community guidelines and live by them


You will not be successful in this role if you:

   ✗ discuss personal problems or seek support from your listener account
   ✗ engage in chat room drama or conflict
   ✗ give advice
   ✗ chat and joke with fellow listeners, especially in a way that excludes members

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