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When ducks sleep, they do so in rows. Those at each end keep one eye open while they doze in and out of sleep to keep those in the middle protected. Of course, the ducks regularly rotate position such that everyone gets some days without worries.

The support system provided at 7cups is very similar. Those who are stable and doing well as a result of the support they get here or because they came here to give support kinda hop around the pile of members who are struggling with issues, in order to keep the entire group safe.

To bring our discussion into the realm of bunnies... oh my, bunny mountain.

But more specifically, note the structure: There is a new bunny up on top snuggling the ears of middle bunnies, the middle bunnies are snuggling one another, and there is a very resilient bunny down at the bottom supporting the entire pile. This is our snugglepile (except we have hundreds of bunnies <3)

We will take a quick look at the different areas where 7cups / snugglepile provides support:

1) Daily check-ins. These are especially important for those with anxiety, and are a place for them to go every day and see the same people and help establish a sense of regularity in their lives. Ideally, those who are doing well that day should respond to anyone who may not be, and anyone who may not be doing well should get squished back into the shape of a bunny when they express their thoughts and feelings that day by our lovely forum supporters or members who have extra love to give.

2) Anxiety chat room. I have seen a wonderful amount of support from our members in group chat. Though everyone there is struggling, they try their best to keep things focused on relating to one another as a group. Usualy they're chatting about common interests or ongoing issues, however the moment someone in there needs support, our long-term bunnies (and some new ones, too!) hop to it, snuggling them as best as possible. Especially when the person who needs support is a long-term bunny themselves. I could not be more proud of our members there!

3) The forums. This is like a collection of sub-snugglepiles. In addition to resources and forum discussions, members reach out here with specific support needs, which need to be responded to with love focused on their individual situation <3 Sometimes, they are stray bunnies that are hiding or have hopped off from snugglepile and in general need to be squished in such a way that they become a part of a sub-snugglepile or the main snugglepile. By showing them support and care, they are more likely to find their place in the pile. <3

4) Personal support. The importance of this aspect of 7cups cannot be understated. The way this relates to snugglepile is again wrangling stray bunnies into a position in which they get the most love and have multiple connections to reach out to.

In summary, 7cups is about building a support network. The hope is that any person should be able to go on self-care or require support for a period, and because each individual they are supporting has a network of others who are supporting them, and because that person who is supporting others has their own support network to take care of them, the impact of these events is minimized.

My hope for snugglepile is that everyone takes just a minute when they are here, if they are feeling well, to respond lovingly to someone who may not, resulting in the most support possible whilst also conserving the energy of the pile.

Like a row of ducks.

Or a pile of bunnies :3 <3


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