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What Terms to Avoid While Talking About Trans* Community

by @RaCat

*TRIGGER WARNING* Contains hurtful, even transphobic words

When there are so many term, people who are not part of LGBTQ+/MOGII or simply not aware of trans* issues can be very confused and not sure what is good term to use and what is not! So here I am going to give you a list of the words that shouldn't be used to describe anything related to trans* community and will provide you the words that can be used instead of it cheeky 

no Gender Identity Disorder - it's not appropriate because it tells us that disconnection between your minds and your gender is mental illness what is not really true. It is not used in medical field anymore as it's outdated term and don't represent what trans* people are experiencing  (thanks @enbyemu for the info)

yes Gender Dysphoria - you see, the term don't have the word Disorder in it, so it's much better to use!

no Hermaphrodite - no no no, don't ever use this word. It's only used for the animals and it's very very hurtful! I remember sitting in the class and hearing people making fun about this term and I was all mad and trying to explain it for them - didn't go well... cheeky

yes Intersex - yes yes yes! It's a valid identity as any other from LGBTQ+ spectrum! Find out more about it here (press)

noPre-operative, post-operative (also pre-op or post-op) no, don't ask trans* person if they are pre or operation because it's simply offensive and you are ruining their privacy. There are many trans* people who choose not to have sex reassignment surgery  or those who want to have it but can't do it because of the law in their country. Also, there are a variety of other ways transgender people transition besides sex reassignment surgery.

no Sex change operation 

yes It's much better to use Sex Reassignment Surgery or Gender Affirming Surgery when talking about it.

no Shemale - a offensive term to describe transgender woman. This term may be used in porn industry but it;s VERY VERY inapprociate

no Transgendered - never add ed talking about ANY LGBTQ+/MOGII identity as it's simply not gramatically correct and it can be seen as offensive. 

no Transsexual - it's an old and outdated term. But some people are still using it to describe themselves so ONLY use this term if the person gave it you by themselves!

P.S. This post was made with a help of this article

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