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Why not to share social media handles?

Hey new/old/ancient listener grooming around the wiki! Some of you may know while other might not know of this very important rule we have around here in 7Cups.

- You're not supposed to share offsite contact (meaning social media handles as - but not limiting to - facebook, instagram, whatsapp, kik, email, etc.) anywhere in the site. It's not supposed to be on your profile, nor should you offer it in 1-on-1 chats or public/listener chatrooms. 

This is a rule that applies to both members and listeners, adults and teens, all around the site. The question you may be asking yourself right now is: Why? Some might agree with this rule and the answer might be obvious to them but it's simply because of something called: Internet Safety. While internet has been an excellent way of managing connections between people on opposite sides of the globe it also provokes a lot of uncertainaty: anyone could be on the other side of the screen. 

Rules are boundaries and are set here to protect you and everybody else. It is great to build trust relationships with fellow members of the community but we're aren't in the position to make a perfect judgment on whether the other person is 100% trustable or not, because it does happen in our every day's life, that we misjudge someone. We are only human and are more likely to trust someone we're friends with, or will try to use our contact information to feel 'closer' to the other user. But this is not a site to mainly build personal relationships, either friendly or romantic, we're here to support each other and offer emotional support from a peer. 

Creating these boundaries of not sharing any personal information makes this website a safe places to vent about anything you want. This is just a friendly reminder & explanation but please know that if you do not wish to comply our rules or you don't agree, you don't have to use the site. But when you join a community you either have to agree if you want to compromise to its rules not. 

Wrote by @MelAllyouneedislove
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