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Finding Serenity: 20 Self-Affirmations To Get You There

These powerful affirmations will instantly make you feel more peaceful

The use of daily affirmations is a super cool way to draw serenity and peace into your life immediately. Affirmations serve to help you instantly shift your focus back to the present moment and release any worries or fears that may be impairing the natural flow of your day.

Choose one or two affirmations and repeat them 10 times each. Breathe in and out and imagine the stress or worry leaving your body with each exhale. Affirmations are best practiced in the morning, evening and before meals when you know you can commit to a scheduled practice. Repeat throughout the day as often as needed for instant calm.

Bonus Tip: Memorize a few affirmations for when you're on the go so you're always ready for a little serenity shift.

  1. I trust that I'm being guided.
  2. I can learn from these worries.
  3. I release this anxiety. I release this worry.
  4. I am Peaceful, I am calm, I am serene.
  5. I turn these worries over to the care of the universe.
  6. Each and every day, my circumstances are improving.
  7. Peace. Peace. Peace… OR Love. Love. Love.
  8. I embrace the divine balance in my life. Everything is as it should be.
  9. I am consciously aware of the calm presence of my spirit.
  10. My awareness is anchored in tranquility.
  11. I am in the divine flow of life.
  12. I am stable during life's ups and downs.
  13. I am willing to let my anxious thoughts go.
  14. I choose to breathe deeply.
  15. From head to toe, I am relaxed.
  16. I am centered.
  17. I love. I am loved.
  18. I can breathe through anything.
  19. Let go.
  20. I chose love over fear.

The more you can consistently use affirmations throughout the day and incorporate them into your morning and evening routines the more serene you will feel. If you commit to practicing this affirmation exercise for seven days straight, your life will change. Be open, be willing and let the serenity wash over you with each breath.

Posted: 13 January 2017
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Haley Neidich, MSW, LCSW

Haley Neidich is a licensed psychotherapist and the Senior Director of Clinical Development for

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Finding Serenity: 20 Self-Affirmations To Get You There

These powerful affirmations will instantly make you feel more peaceful
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