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7 Cups Communities

7 Cups offers a variety of communities to provide support and personal connection. From this central hub, you can explore and join new communities and get updates from the communities you subscribe to. We are glad you are here.

Newbie Hub

13 Forums

Welcome & Introductions to 7 Cups!

you've joined 7 Cups! We can't wait to get to know you
7018 Threads | 96935 Posts | Last post 18 minutes ago


Fun Icebreakers & Games
208 Threads | 9263 Posts | Last post 1 hour ago

7 Cups of Tea Mission & Core Values

Information about 7 Cups of Tea
2964 Threads | 29486 Posts | Last post 23 hours ago

Resources at 7 Cups to Help You

Here are some of the major resources that members and listeners have available to them at 7cups to help them on their journey
20 Threads | 206 Posts | Last post 2 days ago

Anxiety Support

17 Forums

Anxiety (& Depression) AMAs

Offer your experiences or ask someone a question about Anxiety (& Depression).
217 Threads | 1552 Posts | Last post 49 minutes ago

Phobias - Get support for your phobia here

This space is for you to share and find connection. / If there is a question or topic you'd like addressed, please create a new thread.
250 Threads | 2395 Posts | Last post 2 hours ago

Social Anxiety Support & Sharing

Do you have social anxiety? Find support here!
951 Threads | 5903 Posts | Last post 3 hours ago

Performance Anxiety

School/grades cause anxiety? Work cause anxiety? Sports causing anxiety? Post about it here!
86 Threads | 415 Posts | Last post 4 hours ago

Depression Support

14 Forums

Daily Check-ins

Depression community check-in & let us know how you are doing today!
2035 Threads | 61086 Posts | Last post 30 minutes ago

Living and Coping with Depression

Are you dealing with Depression?
4290 Threads | 33095 Posts | Last post 2 hours ago

Coping with Loneliness

If you're finding it difficult to cope with loneliness, or have any tips or tricks, you've come to the right place.
467 Threads | 3163 Posts | Last post 2 hours ago


Fun conversation starters to get to know each other!
718 Threads | 35398 Posts | Last post 5 hours ago