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Hello everyone! smiley

Welcome to the General Support sub-community, we are glad to welcome you here. You can seek support on a variety of topics such as: getting unstuck, long-term support & boundaries, managing emotions, mental health & awareness, physical health & awareness, grief and loss, self-care support, and stigma support.

* We want to get to know you better :) Introduce yourself here.

* Join the General Support Taglist here.

* Share your thoughts in our daily check-in

* Join our weekly guided discussion in the General Support chat room every Sunday 1pm GMT. We support you during Sharing Circle and Small Steps towards Healthy Habits sessions too. 

Come learn about coping skills for various situations and share with us what you have learned. We are happy you are stopping by! heart

Community Guidelines

* Be kind and respectful. 

*Please always add a trigger warning if your topic might be triggering to users. 

*Please refrain from graphic content.

*Please avoid double posting (If you have double posted, please contact @CheeryMango)

*Please avoid swearing as this can be triggering for users.  

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Community Resources

❣ Submit and see resources for general support here

❣ Introduce yourself to the general support community here

❣ Join the general support team here

❣ Meet the leaders of general support here

❣ Find an index of our forum discussions here

❣ Find the Self-Help Guides library here

❣ Find the Mindfulness Tracks library here