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Feeling Alone - Why Do I Feel So Alone?

Feeling Alone

Why Do I Feel So Alone?

Chances are, you have felt lonely at some point in your life-even perhaps right now as you are reading this. Loneliness can be thought of as an emotional response that occurs as a result of isolating oneself from others and/or from lacking companionship. Not feeling connected to others can lead to feeling anxious. Even people in marriages or other close, significant relationships can feel alone despite the presence of another person in their lives. As human beings, we have the need and desire to connect with others. When that need is not met, pain occurs and contributes to negative emotional experiences (i.e., loneliness and anxiety). The good news is that you can feel less lonely by seeking out human connection. An easy, effective way to do that is by chatting with a 7 Cups of Tea listener. As you talk with a listener, your social connectedness tank will be replenished-leaving you feeling less alone and more hopeful.

Feelings of loneliness can surface when we least expect it. You may have people around you yet are feeling all alone. The opposite of being alone is being connected with others, which requires a level of vulnerability and openness. An easier option at times, especially when we're not at our best mentally, is to isolate ourselves from others and hold everything inside of us. Doing so, however, can result in feeling alone and bogged down by negative thoughts and feelings. By fighting back against the urge to isolate, feelings of loneliness can begin to alleviate. Instead of staying home in the evening watching TV, choose to hang out with friends or have a meaningful conversation over the phone with a loved one. Another easy way to start feeling less lonely is to chat with a 7 Cups of Tea listener. Talking to someone about your problems produces a connection that goes a long way toward feeling less alone.

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