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I will no longer be active on the site (not taking chats), however I will still respond to messages ^_^


Hey, I'm Ary.

A-levels student, feeling my way to my place in the world. When I'm alone, I like to settle in a couch and listen to soundtracks, especially Studio Ghibli's. I have way too many interests to possibly keep up with (gaming, knitting, reading, drawing etc. etc. ) but meh, I like it that way.

For the most part of my teenhood I was greatly affected by depression (dysthymia) and addiction. My friends are who kept me afloat, and I hope I can be one to you. There's still so much more for me to learn about 
listening, and I do have problems of my own, but I'll try my best to help you in any way I can smiley I think everyone needs and deserves to be loved and heard <3


~ 7 Cups Intern Grad ~~ Peer Support ~~ Verified Listener Team ~~ Gamer Outreach Team ~~ SWAT - Milestone Thread Team ~


Some more info about me:
- I am a Christian ^^

- I play the piano, and the ocarina sometimes :P

- I love games, but have a low tolerance for scary or high-suspense scenes >.< no jumpscares please

- I am the wolf that goes "noot noot" :P (and occasionally meeps or moops)


7 Cups people who make me smile:


@skyisblue @DevonneLeiFisheye @fishy101 @Roisin2016 @FrufflesDaRat @PurpleMoon05 @CelegnirCuthalion @ZaraSmiles @JustBreatheItsShrek @Fuzzyfiz12 @RainbowAri @AshtheMaestro @Moon @ArwaS @SaphirePaws (psst... tell me if you think you should be on this list xD I'm sure I didn't get everyone)


heartYou are fantastic and specialheart



Number of Ratings: 60
Number of Reviews: 17
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Dec 27, 2015
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 200
Cheers 34,135
People Helped 85
Chats 210
Group Support Chats 70
Listener Group Chats 339
Forum Posts 300
Forum Upvotes 366
Feedback & Reviews
I kinda just needed to say a bunch of random stuff, but they were there to listen and provide helpful and empathic advice. :D
Very nice and helpful
Very nice
She really helped me think things through about my problems.
best listener ever 6/5 star
They are an awesome listener and really show they care. They gave me some useful ideas and tips. I definitely recommend!
You really helped me honestly I was really sad just crying & you were just listening & that's basically what I wanted. You didn't judge me & you kept giving me advice. Questioning me , made me think that you were interested to help. Your a great person & you don't have to change you really helped!💜
She's very helpful! She really made me understand things ! I wasn't being judged😊 she was listening to me and I just loved her. She's a great person to talk to 💕
She actually helped me and imm so happy i chated with her ❤️
They're such a great listener, they made me believe in myself and I'm so thankful I got to talk to a person like that!
Made me feel safe and com
I just want to thank you for talking with me, even though we weren't talking about anything in particular. You've really helped tonight
Listen to me without judging me stop me from ending my life and got me going
Very helpful while also being caring and kind.
Thank you so so much you are the best. I'll always want to talk to you.
Thank u
Aryore is very understanding and he/she tries to talk with you and help you.
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