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I gladly take new chats but I can't always reply quickly, every time.  If you need immediate assistance, seek out a listener who is online right now.
I live in North America!  I work full time.  If you are somewhere else and you message me, and it is daytime in North America, I can't reply!  Night time (6pm eastern or later) or weekends is best!  Please consider the time zone differences when contacting me and do not be shocked if you do the math and I am non-responsive in the middle of North American night!
I am a 50+ year old male
I have experience in many areas that may be of interest to you
- I am a parent of 3 children, age range from teen to young adult
- I live in a house where real LGBTQ issues are positively supported including direct experience with a transgender youth
- I live in a house where I support people with depression and anxiety
- For more than a decade I helped support an elderly parent suffering from dementia
- I work in a professional environment supervising hundreds of employees, working through common workplace issues daily
- I manage stress and anxiety of my own through personal accountability and exercise
- I am an atheist, but I respect the value and existence of religion in peoples' lives as long as it is used for good
- Yes I have a big dog in my house, a standard poodle.  She reduces stress for everyone she is in contact with.
- I do not discuss politics, especially the current administration.

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Feedback & Reviews
Thank you for listening and helping me you really helped : )
good and helpful
Best to give you an overall perspective thanks to his experience in life.
a great listener!
bigdogthearapy is the best. give mans a raise. gn.
honest helpful encouragement
Great listener and super nice
Very understanding.
loved the chat! fast response
Really incredible listener, I am so grateful for his time and thoughtful contributions about what to do in a difficult situation, a kind and compassionate person. Honest too. Thanks again!
An outstanding support for LGBT issues, and a model listener!
Great listener, very encouraging! Thank you
Very understanding!
very kind :)
was very supportive and seems like a wonderful parent. :)
BigDog talked me though a really bad time for me and did it with such respect and understanding.
Listens patiently
Excellent. Understanding and nonjudgmental.
good job
Thank you for all your help
Good guy
Very kind and easy to talk to. Listens and responds with reason. Thanks a bunch :)
Really nice to talk to, very friendly and empathetic, understands anxiety well
A true listener and helper when in time of need. Thank you!
Probably one of the best listeners I interacted with and I have interacted with tons of them. I came to this listener with a problem I was facing at the moment and he immediately helped me understand my situation and provide me with courage to take the steps in order to resolve the situation. He understood what I was going through and I felt very comfortable speaking to him. Amazing listener!
He will calmly listen and his responses are spot on and they're what I need to hear. Thank you
Real supportative.
Really helpful
I feel safe. I feel calm. This has helped me a lot
great guy
One of the best listeners I have talked to on this site.
I like your style
Very helpful and honest when I really needed help
He's Good...
Thanks for listening!
Great listener! Fast and useful responses
Patient and kind!
Is a sweetheart. Very supportive and understanding. Give bigdogtherapy a chance because you might connect. I know I did. And I am most grateful
Although "BigDogTherapy" was just leaving as we began chatting, he was willing to make an appointment with me for later in the evening.
You're really great at understanding people's opinions and hearing them out. You replied with great accuracy and everything went well. Good job! And thank you!
he was exactly what i needed. helpful, empathetic but truthful. like a good friend
Very professional.
Thanks for helping me put things in perspective
Very good listener
Best discussion i've had with the male species. He was empathetic, honest, open, and genuinley tried to help
Good listening skills
So sweet and caring. Very kind listener. Took the time to connect with me and chatted for awhile. Feeling so much better after our chat. I can't thank you enough
The best listener. Took lots of time to talk about concerns. Very polite and a joy to talk to.
Thank you! :))
Good dog.
Yes he's awesome
Very supportive, listened and made me feel comfortable. Related to my experience and made me feel like I was no t alone.
Laid my concerns/anxiety to rest. Great listener who responds in a timely fashion and provides practical support. 30/14 would recommend!
Made me comfortable enough to get a lot of what I needed off my chest.
Great listener. The first person who hasn't logged off on me during the middle of the conversation! Thank you for taking the time to listen to me, it will not be forgotten.
Great advice!
Helped relieve my anxiety, and gave useful advice that has built my confidence.
Understanding, helpful, and encouraging.
Really appreciated the chat and the humor and the advice, thank you.
Direct and to the point, great analogies awesome :O ty big dog.
To the point, honest and super helpful!
BigDogTherapy was kind and understanding. They listened without passing any judgement.
Very understanding! He engaged in the conversation and gave affirmative feedback.
He listens patiently and with kindness. He guides you to work out your issue very skillfully.
He's really compassionate, he truly cares and is interested in further updates of my life. Thanks for taking time to talk to me. - Jill
Good man
BigDogTherapy was really, really helpful. The conversation put things in perspective, and helped me get to a place where I needed to be, mentally, about letting people know my gender identity. So, so empathetic, and understanding. To see "I understand" when I explained was monumental to me.
Great chat, really helpful
A thousand thumbs up
Thank you! Short but nice conversation. Made me feel more relaxed.
great so far. very positive and helpful.
he is helpful , and response fast
A mature and wise listener coming with very suitable responses! Thank you for making time for conversation with me. It was very helpful and just what I needed at the moment.
Good listener. Has great feedback to give
Thank you
gave me his honest opinion. Thankful to him.
Kind and helpful
Super great
Great, attentive, knowledgable, and compassionate listener, non-judemental and quick to answer. His no bs approach was helpful to me. Thanks!
Really helpful and was able to understand previously the source of my concerns and connect to it. Thank you.
Very helpful.
Excellent! A lovely perspective on life and takes the time to ask questions and listen. Thank you
Many thanks for listening, and for helping me sort my thoughts. How very much a little kindness and support can lift a tired soul!
Calm, clear great advice. Super helpful!
Very professional and empathetic listener.
Amazing support. Very wise and insightful advice as well. Feeling so much better after this conversation.
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