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Hey there! I'm a Lebanese Christian girl, Medical Doctor by profession, chemist and active researcher. It's my pleasure to help you passionately in your most crucial moments. Your mental health values exactly as your physical health, that's why you should never suffer alone. We can sail through this storm together! I myself have been through a lot and want to make hope possible for those who lost it. Maybe my experience can help you build yours and love yourself more.

P.S. I don't give any medical advice or prescriptions. I'm a verified trained active listener and will provide help only with the listed topics in my profile.

Number of Ratings: 68
Number of Reviews: 48
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Arabic, French
Listener Since Nov 5, 2019
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Gender Female
Progress Path Step 154
Cheers 152,152
People Helped 147
Chats 2,206
Group Support Chats 23
Listener Group Chats 115
Forum Posts 25
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Feedback & Reviews
Very kind and compassionate listener!
very good listener would recommend 100 percent
Motivated. Passionate. Positive. Made my day.
She's absolutly great
There are no words..much love to you and goodness.
Very patient listener , glad to have him/her as listener
thank you so much for your helo
So sweet, warm, caring, kind, polite, attentive, mature, wise, deep, smart and highly intelligent. Thanks a lot!
I am impressed! This listener has not refused me as an Israeli-Arab as and has not gotten into politics like I've asked, so I recommend very highly to choose her.
♡ No words for. ONLY LOVE.
Kind, wise and highly intelligent. A true Sunshine to my life :)
I've been with this listener for a year now, and yet she remembers every small detail in my story even if months passed not discussing a specific event or detail, she still remembers it like yesterday! Such a sharp memory and a heart of gold! She truly cares, never judge, listens carefully, so loving...A true Giver! I'm glad I found her, she always finds a way to bring the best in me even in my worst, a reason to not give up, a source of motivation and positive energy. She's slowly changing me to a better person for myself and others. I recharge everytime I talk to her. It's always wonderful having her around! She's a keeper!
My life was a before and became a new after when I met her. She cares, shoulders, pays attention to every need and detail. I was so hopeless and doubting myself. She helped me get my life together again, get back on the right track, restore my self esteem and confidence, helped me in the whole process and because of her I got the job of my dreams! I can never thank you enough Sunshine, you're a gift for this world. I can't remember the last time I've been loved, helped and cared for be it family, friends, an ex or anybody in real life. Thank you so much and stay awesome. God bless you!❤
Just WOW! I was talking to a therapist. So comforting, understanding, caring, sweet and insightful. Gave me her time and listened to every detail. It feels safe to open up to her, you are heard and gives great guidance. I really felt a lot better after talking to her. She's just brilliant!
The best of the best. So sweet, charming, kind and wise. So glad I got the chance to meet such a person, she made my day. Thanks a lot for everything!
An awesome person, very sweet, kind and helpful. Heard me till the end and lifted me from my lowest. Thanks a lot for all your efforts in making this site a better place. The world needs more people like you! You made my day :)
Lovely, kind, empathic, would love to keep in touch!
Probably the best I have ever came across here. She accepted me in my worst, she never judged me, she was so patient with me and heard me till the end, she kept trying adding a meaning to my life...She listens, cares, shoulders, uplifts, full of contagious energy and positivity! Thanks for making me smile when I thought I could never do it again. Thanks for restoring my motivation to live. You're a true gem :)
Highly recommended, very deep!
Though I am hard to handle but still she didn't give up on me. She listened appropriately and helped me see things from a new perspective. Such a sweet, caring and lovely person. She saved my life!
Very sweet, lovely, kind and wise. She's my hero everytime I fall :)
Very professional! It's always wonderful talking to her! She seems to be more kind, understanding and able to read me at deeper levels than the people who actually know me in real life. Wish there were more people like her on the planet.
Such a nice person, I have never meet anyone like her, even in my real life. Its been amazing and inspiring to talk to her, and I feel energized after talking. Thank you so much for helping me get out of my mood.
No words are enough to thank you for everything you have done for me. I wish I had a friend like you in real life; a friend and a therapist. I am so grateful to meet you and would love to keep in touch forever. I promise to keep working on myself to reach my best version. This is the first time I felt I can be loved too and that I deserve it. Thanks a lot for opening my eyes❤
So sweet and highly intelligent. I highly recommend her and will definitely come back!
Kind hearted ❤️, nice listner ,she is very nice friend 💖...I love to talk with you again....laura
Wow, I'm so lucky to meet LetItOut. This listener has been so caring and nurturing for me, she truly cares for you. And she understood the root of my problems. Thank you so much.
In like 10min of chatting I was already feeling better. Such a lovely person :)
She is an amazing listener, very kind and loving and smart
a very good, patient, caring, kind, empathetic and understanding listener. Listened to me patiently and made me feel better about myself and gave me hope ♥️
Now my life has a meaning❤
She taught me how to love myself again and because of her I stopped self harming. Lovely person❤
Never doubt a moment to open up for her, you're in good hands trust me! Lovely person❤
She helped me through a tough time when I was lost and hopeless. I wish I had a sister like her! A wonderful combination of a lover and a fighter!
She taught me how to love myself again and because of her I stopped self harming! She's such a blessing❤
She sure has her ways with autism and social  anxiety and helped me a lot practically. Thank you.
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Very experienced for such a young age! Her maturity made me forget the age gap between us! An impressive person who has a solution for almost everything! A true warrior and reliable guide!
Oh my god guys it is so helpful please download it if you have any problem absolutely this app will help you and make you a strong person I can't explain how much I loveeee💕🥺
The world can use more kind and wise people like her! Very mature and talented person❤
She gave me a purpose to live for after giving up on my life! An awesome listener!
The personal connect is at a different level altogether with this person. Thanks again, letitout. You are a wonderful person!
A truly incredible person, Loved talking to her!!!
He helped me. He listened to me appropriately and said helpful things
Very good kind hearted, friendly and easy to talk
Thanks for the practical help.
She's the best person I ever came across on 7cups. I really wish to stay in touch forever. She's a gem Love
The world makes sense now that I've talked to her :) ♥️
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