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***As I want to make it equal for everyone who contacts me, I decided to make strict rules***

1. If your issue relates to a sexual matter, please do not discuss it with me. However discussions that relate sexual assault or relationship breakdowns are totally acceptable. However engaging in role-play on 7 Cups isn't allowed by the site's Terms of Service.

2. If you have a medical condition that relates to all forms of genitalia, skin conditions, etc please get in touch with a medical professional.

3. If you need a Listener right away, click on the Connect Now button or look for someone who is available in Browse Listeners. I'm unfortunately not always available to everyone so it would be better to talk to other listeners who are available as well as accept taking long term requests.

4. If you need to discuss personal issues, please ONLY use your Member account. I feel this way, it would give the person better privacy. I will not accept personal issues from listeners unless if it's about their listening experience that went wrong or just want to chat!

4. I know this may sound annoying in which I'm not trying to be but please give feedback to 7cups during or after the conversation good or bad. You do this by tapping the flashing star on the convo or if one of us do end the convo. This goes for all listeners you encounter as it improves our listener experiences!

Thanks to those taking the time reading the rules!

My name is Geraldine and I am 24  years old. I'm also unsure what I'm going to do next in college student.I love being a listener because people relate to what im going through and that we help each other too! :)
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Listener Since Oct 7, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
Very helpful, light conversation and logic. Would text back for sure
helped me take my mind off things
really very nice and patient
Really nice and easy to talk to
Had a personal chat with them and they gave personal analogies to relate to what I'm going through. It was a good and light-hearted conversation. Thanks again!
Response was quick
Good..nice human being.good vibes
she was nice. lots of fun talking to her and would do it again
Irishcat was a good listener, kind and patient. I am glad they helped me
Really helped me calm down and feel okay with myself! Thank you so much
Irishcat was patient and willing to listen. It was nice being able to vent to someone in a one-on-one conversation. She was my first Listener. And the experience was very positive for me.
Great feedback and emotional support.
It's helping a lot so far!
it was a helpful chat and their personal experience with the issue aided in helping me
Really good listener, kind person. Tries to help as much as he/she can
Great listener with a positive experience.
So positive. Made me feel motivated again
Thanks for help dude
Helpful chat and some good support
fast picking up and really understanding!
Thank you so much for listening!
They were kind and helped me when I needed someone to talk. Thank you
Its awsome, thank you really much!
Was a good chat. Helped me realize what was going on.
Great to chat. Thanks for the opportunity to vent!
awesome person yay
A good person to talk to
So nice and patient. He was really uplifting and helped me realize that I come first.
Lovely person. Very easy to talk to and glad i came across this person!
this cat is a goddamn pro listener !
Lovely senorita!! Hope we can talk soon
Very kind and helpful.
A very good listener and good response time
Great listener, really understands how I'm feeling and lets me rant about my problems with no judgement :)
Was extremely helpful. Understood me and actually gave quite a few good suggestions to help me get back on track.
Had a nice talk.
Very supportive and caring
Genuine person, has humour and light chats
very good listener and helpful
I enjoyed the talk with them.i love the profile picture
Helping human. Such lovely lady. Already in love with her
Irishcat was honest and relatable
Loved it! Awesome chat! 180%
he answer quickly
Helped me feel more confident an feel positive
Great listener , really felt like I was talking to a friend who cared about what I was saying , she stuck it out with me and gave me the chance to talk about my struggles ,,, thank you ❤️
Really friendly and has a bright person
So far so good!!
thanks for being a supportive listener
Thanks for helping me through this
A good listener who put me at ease. I am very grateful.
Listener was empathetic and really kind :) thank you for listening ☺️
Very focussed ..lovely listener
great listener, very talkative and friendly
a kind and supportive human being!
good careful listener
Friendly, polite, and kind
really good listener and very cheery and uplifting. thank you for making me feel better!
Really fun to talk to!
Great listener! Thanks for all the help.
You’re very kind. Thank you
she is a good listener and emphatized to whatever situation you are in
They were cool, actually listened
Very nice and attentive listener
very helpful and lovely!
amazing listener
Thanks a lot! You make me smile.
Very good listener, allowed me to talk freely and helped me discuss what I was feeling and what I needed help with
Nice guy witha funny nature
Irish cat the cool cat lol
By far, Irishcat is the best listener I have ever experienced on this site! Where have you been all of my life? Just the perfect mix of compassion, kindness, wisdom, and some humor too, to get you up and running, to put you back on the right track again. For me now, I'm going to have a wonderful day. Many Thanks!
Good Person. Enjoyed Sharing my thoughts
Lovely person. Direct. Nice and caring.
Great listener and over all amazing human being
Great listener!
A great listener. Definitely an interesting conversation.
They were a good listener and encouraged me to follow anything.. thank you!
Very warm and lovely person! Awesome listener. They was excatly what I needed today, thank you!
Very helpful but took a while to reply at times. I needed someone to keep helping me but kept getting anxiety when she wouldn't answer, but that's my fault
This was my first chat. I really appreciated that I was able to vent and collect myself to handle my current situation in a healthier way. Definitely reccomend!!
They are nice to talk to in general.
She's a great listener.
listened and talked to me like a friend would. she validated my emotions and experiences. Thank you.
Great listener , made me feel better
this person was way better than the first person i got
Great and friendly.
Very good listener
Very kind and reassuring
Awesome listener and was really good at listening to me and was very helpful with my situation.
understanding and caring
Kind and listened well
thanks for chatting
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Irish answer quickly
Responds promptly, fun to talk with and attentive
she was nice and kept the conversation going
Super nice and helpful!
Really good! Responds very fast
Great advice. Calming and good to talk to. Thank you
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