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~due to being at school and dealing with some personal/medical issues, i wont be on very much or there may be delayed replies,sorry!~
im sorry for leaving half way through chats

Hey! I don't mind what you call me.
I like drawing, writing stories and I've always seemed to just want to help people. I understand most things and can get how people feel in their situations, probs cuz I know what it's like so I'm here to support and help those that would like it as well as be a friend to them. I'm always around unless I'm in school (8am - 4:30pm uk time) or I have no wifi (from 10pm (loses wifi) - 9am uk time) but you can message me whenever and I'll try getting back to you as soon as I'm available. Take care 
💝 *hugs*  

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calm and funny i like her
Angel is so optimistic. There's so much positivity in her chat and she's just always avlible to live even if she is unable to help.
nice and lovely
yes awesome person listened clearly helped a lot n was patient n calm
Skye helped and listened just when I thought no one would. She hugged me when I cried... kept me together when I felt like giving up and held me when I fell. She really does generally care and will love and support you no matter your issue. She has become a friend and I hope it can stay that way
Welcoming trustworthy kind honest approachable helpful
Wow amazing person. She was honest and listened carefully. One of the only people who can calm me when I'm scared or panicking and the only person I feel understands me. Need to say this I am pretty thankful for our conversation and I hope to talk to you again. Thank you.
They were amazing. Listened and helped they never left me they replied straight away patiently waiting for me to answer back. I took time talking but they made it easier to talk by starting off with a casual chat simply getting to know each other and that made it easier to talk to them they are like a friend to me loveable down to earth and so positive they are helpful to me if not other members
Awesome person helped me feel better and was so supportive xoxo
A supportive and incredible soul
Ein Wort für diesen Hörer: spektakulär! X
Elle est incroyable et super utile, elle est si compréhensive et m'aide à comprendre comment résoudre mes problèmes sans me sentir mal ou si j'ai l'impression d'avoir plus de problèmes. Je vous remercie
Helped me feel better and understand my feelings better
She's good
Incredibly helpful
Wow Skye is cool 😎 and amazing! She is so caring nd has a good future ahead of her. I think she'd be a counselor when she is older or someone that helps peeps, she is incredible at helping nd is always there whenever you need her nd won't ever leave you. She is a kind soul nd this world lit needs more peeps like her for real,, thank you for your constant help and support Skylar, always here for you mate! You're never alone. ""keep positive, keep strong, keep smiling, keep fighting, nd you'll get through all the hard times life throws you"" dude I'd never forget that btw that has stuck with me since the first day you said it. You constantly helping even if I give ya a load of trouble you never stop! You are very smart and talented,, you are going to get far in life! Thank you again mate ;-)
She's great!! She's so understanding and so caring/kind-hearted and so compassionate and is really emphatic and is amazing and helping and listening and checks up on my every other day because I told her too and she does respect that if I don't want to talk she don't make me and she always says I can talk whenever I feel like it and even when I mostly rant whenever I message her, she listens and she cheers me up every time we talk. She has great humor and is really funny especially when she gives sarcastic answers when we're joking around and she's saved my life a couple of times and without her I lit have no idea if I'd still be alive now!! OMG She is perfect and just so so so so incredible!! You were great help!!!
ShatteredSoul14 is very amazing and really helpful. She shows she's there for me and will always try her best to help and support me, I've seen some of her poems and personally myself can really relate to them, she's an inspiring person and so so helpful. Thank you for your help and support. Glad I talked to you. 😆 Britt xxx
She's such a great listener. She checks in everyday and is so helpful. She's great! I love her a lot. 💖
shes amazing
I love her, she's incredible, so caring and kind, she's willing to help if she can and knows how to help and what to say to help, she's amazing she's not focused pretending to make it like she cares as she really does, she replies quickly and is professional in her own special way, every day she checks up with me letting me know i can talk to her if I ever need to, I tell her a lot of things that I've never told anyone before and she keeps them between me and her, and will help or just listen, we now talk causally most days if I don't want to talk or don't have anything to talk about and she's shown me some of her poems, they're great and have so much inspiration/motivation in them, I love her poems as much I love her which is a lot and I'm grateful for her help! Recommended 100/100 for sure! 💖
She's great, I'm glad I talked to her she's so helpful, and generally cares so much if it wasn't for her talking to me I wouldn't be here now, she knows what to say for advice and her texts don't seem like she don't want to help just that she cares a lot and is willing to help, she's got to be the best listener here, she's on self care and she still helps people, now that's courage to help people while things are going on for you. She's amazing, helpful, caring, and willing to help anytime she can, I love her so much, recommended 10/10, Thank you so much for your help 💖
So kind and caring and understanding and doesn’t judge , thank you x
So caring, understanding and helpful, she helped me so so much, thanks for your help Gabs, best listener ive had, and probably out of all the listeners here...if anyone needs to talk PM Gabs, she'll help a lot
She is so so amazing, she cares for others and is extremely helpful and understanding, cant believe how kind hearted she is for just one person, thanks so so so much for your help! best listener ever!!!
Is very awesome....and helped me a lot💖
OMG - Truly incredible, shes so kind and caring, never met anyone like her!!!! Shes like sister to me now, if all people where like her the would would be a peaceful and calm place.....BEST LISTENER EVER!!!! FIVE STARS FOR HER DEFINITELY!!
Gabs - Thanks so much for being here for me and helping me so much, Carry on helping so many people online here and in real life and trust me, youll have amazing things happen for you in your life, you truly are like a sister to me so i hope itll be ok to call you my sister, i only have 2 annoying brothers and always wanted a sister you see.....hope thats not creepy.... Anyway Thanks so so much for everything, if im on group and see someone who needs a listener ill tell them to pm you cause you are absolutely helpful and understanding.... love you 🙂😇😊💛❤️ - Ryan x
Absolutely Amazing, Shes So Kind And Caring About A Lot Of People, She Really Put Her Time In To Me And Didn't Force Me To Talk Like The Other Listeners I Had, At First I Didn't Want To Talk So Instead Of Forcing Me She Said And I Quote "That's Fine, You Can Talk Whenever You Feel Ready To, I'm Always Here For You Whenever You Need To Talk" I Was So Happy That I Didn't Have Another Listener Who Would Force Me To Talk Again And About Half Hour Later, I PM'd Her Asking If She Could Talk Now And Her Response Was "Of Course But Don't Feel Pressured To Tell Me Anything You Don't Want To, If You Like You Could Tell Me A Bit About Your Self First And I Could Tell You A Few Things About Me To So Its More Comfortable For You Talk If It'll Help" And That's What We Did, We Told Each Other Things About Ourselves And I Felt More Comfortable With Her And Talking To Her, I Then Found Out We Had A Lot In Common And She Became Like My Best Friend Online Here And Now We Get Along So Well, She Checks On Me Every Day And If I'm Having A Bad Day She'll Ask Whats Up But If I Don't Want To Tell Her She Wont Force Me She'll Say " Aw Sorry Your Having A Bad Day, If You Would Like To Talk About It, I'll Try To Help The Best I Can" She's Very Understanding And Extremely Calm When I Don't Want To Talk, She Is Very Very Helpful With Everything She Can Help With And Really Understands Whatever I Tell Her....I Really Can't Believe How Kind Hearted, Understanding, Helpful And Patient She Really Is.... I'm Really Glad I Spoke To Her, I'm French So Our Conversation Was In French But She Is Partly French As Well (It Says This On Her Bio) And That's Another Reason I Chose To Talk To Her Because My English Isn't That Good (Matter Of Fact I Asked Her For The Translation Of These Words Or Most Of Them Anyway) Shes Surprisingly Good At English Even Though It's Not Her First Exact Language) She Can Speak A Few Different Languages But Not As Good As French And English So If you Don't Speak English Or French PM Her And See If She Could Talk Your Language But Shes Better At English And French Either Way, Shes 16 And Been Through A Lot So Therefore She Understands A lot Of Things And Could Possibly Help With You Problem, Trust Me When I Say This, She Is Extremely Helpful, Kind And Patient So If You Really Need A Good And Truly Amazing Listener I'd Recommend Gabbie For Anything....
Gabbie -- Thanks So Much For Your Help, I Think All Listeners Should Be Like You, And You Really Do Earn The Five Stars For Everything, Thanks For Being Here For Me and Not Forcing Me To Talk About What I Don't Want To, Thanks For Being My Best Friend On Here, Stay Strong With Everything And You'll Be Fine In Life, You Save A Lot Of Lives Every Day And That's Something To Be Truly Proud Of And People Need You Obviously, Thanks For Everything -- Love You 💛💛💛😌😉😊
Gab is a truly kind and caring person, she puts all her free time in too helping people and really cares so much about others, i cant believe how kind hearted one person can be, she really gets me with everything, listens and tries to help the best she can, ive had three listeners and they didnt help much or didnt understand me then a friend on her recommended Gab to me and told me to PM her so i did, she was extremely quick and replying back and just helped so much, she checks in on me everyday to see how i am which is so so kind of her, i love how she actually cares about others instead of pretending like most people, the way she showed this was her empathy, she actually knew exactly how i felt and helped me understand these feelings as well as other things, i can see why my friend recommended me to her now as well.....i just cant believe ive got someone who understands me and helps so so much in every way they can....
Gab thanks so so much for your help, i really appreciate it, keep helping people as well as you are now and you never know where it can take you....Thanks for putting time in to me and helping me with everything you can, your like an older sister and best friend to me, i dont know what to say like im shocked at how great you are and its really just like stunned me to being speechless lol, im glad i met you and had a chance to talking to you....your the best listener ever and if i see someone on group looking for a good listener ill send them to you is all i can actually say, thats how great and amazing you are.... Thanks so much.....😌😇💕❣️💞💗
She seems to care a lot about other people which is a good thing. Thank you so much for taking so much time of yourself to listen to me.
Truly amazing, shes great to talk to, has a lot of empathy, answering texts shes really quick to get back to you, shes really helpful and professional in her own type of way... i was told to talk to her cuz i had a lot of listeners who weren't helping as much and someone told me to message her as i did need someone who understands me and gab really did get me and helped so much, i'm glad i talked to her, shes like a best friend and a sister to me....i can really understand why i was told to talk to her.... she has a kind and caring heart and will help anyone who needs it with anything....shes the best listener ive had!!
Gab - thanks so much for your help, you've truly helped so much and i don't know what to say, like i cant believe i have someone who understands me....Thanks Gab, 😉💛💘 xx
Gabs is amazing, caring, kind and extremely helpful....id recommend her to anyone if they need a great listener, shes truly incredible....Thanks you so much for your help Gab x
Gabs is amazing, i found a new friend with this site, i wish everyone else was like her, shes really helpful and great to talk to either casual chats or sorting problems out, ive had like 10 listeners on here within the 2 months of being on here and shes the best one ive ever had, shes great at helping with anything after talking to her i felt calmer with my problem.....Thanks so much Gab 😃💖 if anyone needs a good listener id really recommend gab xxx
She’s incredible, I think I found a new friend
Thank you so much for your help ❤️
Gabs is very kind, understanding, and helpful. I'm really glad I got the chance to talk to her.
Great made me feel better
Gab is amazing, helpful and caring... I wish everyone in the world would be like her cuz it'll solve so many problems in the world,. If anyone needs to talk to someone I'd recommend Gab cuz she tries to help with anything and she understands a lot as she's been through so much. She's professional in her own way but if she's herself she seems more caring unlike if she had to pretend and act professional she'd sound like she don't care. I love her so much, she's helped and calmed me down, even for just casual chats she's good to talk to and she's fun to talk to, shell listener if you want to vent or she'll try to help... BEST LISTNER EVER! Love you so much gab, thank you for your support - I'm not just saying this cuz she's my sis, it's all true... Talk to her if you have a problems or anything and you'll see... 😄😊 Xx
He's good
Lovely person
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