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Suffering is the only thing that matters in the world. I want to do all I can to reduce the suffering in the world and increase the thriving. What I can do is listen. It's a good thing too: I sure can't cook.

I'm male, 52, divorced. My only child, Jennifer, is finishing up her last semester of a computer science degree at uni. When Jen's mom and I were young, we went to couples counseling A LOT, and we learned how to listen. I found that I enjoyed it, and I'm actually pretty good at it, and I've been able to help a lot of people feel better just by listening. Over the years, I've learned a few other useful skills and interpersonal techniques, such as "non-violent communication"; and I've stumbled upon quite a few others that probably have names out there somewhere. I give them my own names like "respectful conflict resolution", "you're allowed to have feelings", and "let's stop and figure out what we're really talking about."

I can usually help with grief of all kinds, self-hatred, fear of burning in Hell (yes, people do fear it), relationships of all kinds: romantic, platonic, family, work, etc.

The foundation of it all is compassion: a concern for the suffering of others. And I have loads of that.

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Number of Reviews: 75
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Feedback & Reviews
real friendly and caring
Very attentive and felt comfortable immediately.
Loved it! Awesome chat!
He gave me some great ideas and listening to me when no one is there in my life. Thank you.
Helped me quite a lot. He is patient, perceptive and polite.
He's very authentic and caring. I'm already looking forward to our next chat. He's definitely one of the best listeners here!
A really good listener who was empathetic and new what I was going through.
Good listener and welcomes well
Very good listener. Patient, insightful and emanates calm energy.
An awesome person to listen to me
Will really listen to you. Take a chance.
Thank you for everyone. He is an amazing human being!
He is truly a nice person with good humor and more. You will appreciate to talk to him as much as I do.
Very good listener...
Amazing person with extraordinary listening skills! He helped me tremendously!
Listens well. Even to a very complicated story.
SaganRitual was the best listener I have ever encountered on this website. I look forward to speaking with him again.
Excellent listener, that showed great compassion and shared some great advice when asked. Very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable from the start. Looking forward to speaking again soon.
Excellent listener. Gave me some ideas to try. So kind and patient.
Incredibly kind and empathetic
This listener is very articulate and helpful. Highly recommended!
Fantastic listener , helped me a lot with an issue im facing at the moment in my life. Highly recommended!
Our chat has jist started, but I feel very confident in our rapport
Asked pertinent questions and really tried to understand my situation. I so appreciate his approach!
Carl had a very open and kind way of communicating that immediately put one at ease when talking to him. There was no hint of ingenuity in his tone, nor of pity, or disregard. From the beginning, one could sense the intense devotion he gave to a conversation and how sincerely he believed what you said mattered. Unlike most circumstances where one finds oneself under such focused scrutiny, one was still put at ease by his gentle manner. I know how people are called “listeners” here, and I am supposed to rate him in the brackets of listening; I would go further to say that he is perhaps one of the best people you will meet, and I feel incredibly blessed he took time out of his day to have such a conversation with someone like me. I believe there are some people whose kindness, compassion and intelligence make not only my world better but the entire miserable globe. Carl, perhaps, is one of them. Thank you for your time.
Gives a lot of attention and care to the conversation.
Excellent listener. He'll likely give you the help that you're after, as he certainly did for me. Really helped settle me down. Thank you SaganRitual!
Great person
A great personality, Carl will surely help you out!
Very good listener. I felt so much better.
Insightful and really took his time to help.
great listener!
Very good listener
Patiently listened to my complicated situation- helped me sort issues out
Great Guy who really listens and cares
My heart is ten pounds lighter after this understanding gentleman listened and reflected some powerful observations that resonated. SaganRitual saved me from a dark evening alone. I have hope and confidence!
Very helpful and sincere listener.
Pays good attention.
It was good quite helpful thankyou
You’re kind and not judgmental. Thank you so much
he is so kind! and he really seems to care.
He's very nice and patient, really helped me.
Great listener! Would highly recommend!
A listener like no other. He is empathetic, caring, mature, wise, and insightful. He helped me see through situations more clearly and comprehensively. He always asked the right questions as well and wasn't judgmental. Thank you, SaganRitual!
Such a wonderful listener! He attentively listened and asked the questions that very helpful for me to clarify my situations. His kindness did ease my sadness and anxiety. He is really good 👍👍 thank you so much🙏
Great listener and very flexible and supportive
SaganRitual really helped me in my dark hour. Awesome listener
Great listener.
He is genuine, caring person! I love it!
Sagan is a very patient and insightful listener!
Amazing listener, helped a lot. Made me realise that problems can have the simplest solutions.
He is not only a good listener, he also provides good and practical solutions/advice. I highly recommend this person if u r in need of counseling services. P.S. Good advice and knowledge does come with age people.
One of the best listeners here. He is amazing. Recommend to every one!
Very attentive, very interested in what I had to say, very methodical too. He helped me, and I hope he can help many others.
Mature, experienced, friendly, funny.
This listener is so good that halfway into our chat, I had to check whether I accidentally clicked on a licensed therapist's profile. He'll take the time and effort to get to know you, your circumstances, make you think, and come up with solutions to your issue. Definitely recommend!
Helped me a lot. I always felt comfortable talking, about anything I needed to talk about. He helped me find ways to move on from the past
he's a good person
Very helpful and responsive
Helped me examine all aspects of my life, to find the major problems that are effecting me.
The chat was really helpful . I am glad I found this listener . Emmet
He is a winderful listeners,thoughtful and compaaionate. He helped me analyse my problem and clarify the roots of it. He is good. I am thankful for him.
He's a great man, science guy. I felt enlightened.
Great listener person
Insightful, great questions, great reflecting. Exactly what I needed.
Pretty nice listener. I found him to be intelligent non-judgmental, and personable.
I couldn't have asked for a more supportive conversation. I started out here feeling lost and anxious, and after a lot of time generously shared with me, I ended it feeling calm, even a little bit happy. Thank you for this!
Best/fastest/kindest listener I've met so far and I've met 100's, trust me, this is your guy!
Very patient, clarifies and gives great advice.
a special person that will actually wait for you to speak your thoughts out. One of the best around
Very perfect person that helped me a lot , very wise and polite , may God bless him
Such a wonderful human being, thank you for everything my friend.
he is really understanding and nice, helped me figure things out cant thank him enough
He was really amazing! he actually cared and listened to me the whole time and didnt judge or anything unlike the other listeners here
Really chill dude, 100% recommend.
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